A Model for Population Forecasting

A Model for Population Forecasting


This research work is concerned with the development of a model for population forecasting. The methodology and assumption used for developing population forecast model where developed with Fund Growth model of population. The accuracy of the census Bureau’s forecasting efforts apparently has improved during the past two decade, this work is done with the aim of studying all the processes in manual forecasting on population census, with faster, easier, accuracy and efficiently, in the course of achieving these objectives, different data gathering tools used to gather information from National population census commission (N.P.C) and journals ,the growing literature on population forecasting was examined with curious paradox, despite continuing refinements in the specification of models used to represent population forecast, a detailed literature review on the existing literatures on the population census and forecasting were reviewed, a stated objective were drawn up and how to combat the myriad problem and designed of a pro-active population forecast to avert this short fall were implemented utilizing a model population conclusively, the model for population census forecasting can predict future population at burst time and efficiency and reliability at given time.

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