A Study of the Equatorial Electrojet, from Satellites, Rockets, Ground-Base Data

A Study of the Equatorial Electrojet, from Satellites, Rockets, Ground-Base Data


A detailed review of the previous studies of the woridwide bq and the equatorial electrojet current systems. Identifices the need for present study. The Gauss and divergence theorems should apply in the electrojet region making current flow irrational and non-divergent,div J=0. We imposed thise physical consideration on the onwumechili model. Thus, our study of the ground data (magnetic field of the sq current systems) obtained from many observatories widely spread accross the equator, then lends to: (a) the first estimation of many reasonable values(5 forsymmetrizedoases and 32 for unsymmetrized cases) of the latitudinal extent of the world wide sq current systems the average values from the two above are 86.28 6.08 and 84.48 5.21 respectively, (b) the new indication that the entire extent of sq may be narrower in equinox when the current intensity ie high than in solstice; (c) the settlment of controversy on the “effective equator” for purpose of geometric sq(x) variation; (d)the finding that the southern sq current loop may be larger than its northern counterpart, in all season exept in june,hence demostrating symmetry between the two currentvortices, and (e) the first determination of the turning position of the sq current and field including the magnitude of the current intensity and field at the current edges. Secondly, the first detailed analysis of all the avalable rocket eletrojet data, covering between 1957-1979.

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