Abstract Transformation of Still-life of Fruits and Vegetables in Painting


Abstract Transformation of Still-life of Fruits and Vegetables in Painting


Abstract Transformation of S t i l l – L i f e of F r u i ts and Vegetables in Painting By IROABUCHI CHIGOZIRI LAURETA (B.A. Hons Fine Arts, A.B.U) Abstract transformation of s t i l l – l i f e of f r u i t s and vegetables in painting is a studio research in painting which dealt with the use of some selected f r u i t s and vegetables commonly found in our markets in Zaria to develop and create a b s t r a c t painting. The research was considered an experimental painting study of n a t u r a l f r u i t s and vegetables for the purpose of evolving a unique and personal mode of expression. The aims of t h is study were to elevate s t i l l – l i f e painting to a s t a t e of a b s t r a c t i o n with the hope that t h i s will extend the ways of expression in s t i l l – l i f e painting in contemporary Nigeria painting. The data collected for t h i s study were selected f r u i ts and vegetables from the markets in Zariaf study paintings and sketches based on personal observation and d i r e c t visual study of the objects under study. – vii – The method of study started by the simple study of representational still-life of selected fruits and vegetables to a systematic, complex and conceptual studies that were expressively individual. This was followed by making some preliminary studies in semi-abstraction. These were later carried out freely and spontaneously into pure abstraction. The experimental paintings represented in this study were done with conventional media. These include: the artist oil colour, pencil and water colour wash. The works were exhibited at the end of the research, they formed the basis of findings of the study and are represented in the project report as plates and figures. Among the findings of the study were: 1) The ability to create interesting compositions from still-life study. 2) The ability to create a mode of painting that is expressively individual. 3) The need for documentation of artistic development in Nigeria. 4) The research has educationally elevated the study of still-life to a point of abstraction where ordinary objects have been embarked with different interpretation and meaning.

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