Adolescents’ Knowledge and Experience of Sexual Violence in Selected Public Schools

Adolescents’ Knowledge and Experience of Sexual Violence in Selected Public Schools in Ile-Ife, Osun State


Sexual violence is an emerging public health challenge that affects millions of adolescents around the globe. The Nigerian increased prevalence is not much different from what other African counterparts suffers as the media has at least a case report of sexual violence against minors daily. Despite studies revealing these age group to be the most affected, little is known about how much awareness and knowledge these adolescents have on sexual violence, its predisposing risks and available help resources as well as what experiences the adolescents with low economic status have. It is in the light of this that the researcher carried out the study to explore the knowledge and experience of adolescents on sexual violence in public High School in Ife Central local Government Area.

This study employed a descriptive cross-sectional design, A total population of 362 Adolescents from four public high school, participated in the study. The questionnaire used was a self structured questionnaire with an adapted section from the sexual violence experience standard scale. The questionnaire was validated and tested for reliability with an overall alpha coefficient 0.8.365 copies of the questionnaire were distributed and 362 were returned back to the researcher dully filled. The data retrieved from the participant were coded and analyzed using Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) version 22. It involved descriptive & inferential statistics

Findings from this study shows a mean age of 15.9 with a standard deviation of 1.55 The results also shows that majority of the adolescents 304 (83.5%), In Ife Central Local Government Area, have poor knowledge on what sexual violence is, its predisposing risk, and knowledge of resources to go for help if they fall victims. While 58 (16.4) have good knowledge of sexual violence. The mean value for knowledge was 5.74 with a standard deviation of 2.3. On experience, low level of sexual violence experience was reported by 271 (74.5%) of the respondents while 93 (25.5%) reported high experience of sexual violence.the mean value for experience was10.87 with a standard deviation of 3.94.Both male and females reported experience of sexual violence, however, most males reported being more of perpetrators than victims. Adolescents with parent of lower social economic status showed higher report of experience of sexual violence than their counterparts. Adolescents with good knowledge of sexual violence and its risk factors. reported lower experience of sexual violence.

In conclusion, poor knowledge of Adolescents on sexual violence, its risk and available resources, as well as low socio-economic background of adolescents are contributing factor to increase prevalence among this age group. Thus it is recommended that more efforts and intervention studies should be put in place to increase awareness on sexual violence, especially on the risk and resources available to these adolescents for help. There is also need for community nurses to help link resource centers to schools. School based intervention studies are needed to really determine best approach to curbing this menace.

Keywords: Sexual Violence, Knowledge, Experience, Adolescents, Rape.

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