What are the effects of ICT on the Secretary’s performances?

This project titled “An Assessment of Problems and Prospects of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and its Effects on Secretaries” a case study of Federal Polytechnic Nasarawa was carried out to evaluate the problems and prospect of ICT and how it affects the Secretary as he carries out his duties.

The Research questions used were, what are the problems associated with ICT?

Relevant literatures were reviewed. The instrument used in carrying out this research work was the administration of structured questionnaires; data collected was analyzed based on the four likert scale using mean to analyze the data. Based on findings, conclusion was drawn among others that the major problems faced by Secretaries as they embark on their duties are threat from viruses, also that Secretaries stands the problem of loosing information to Hackers (imposters), that unprotected downloaded files and unauthorized users activities are also problems of ICT.

It was recommended among others that organization should ensure adequate information security by installing Antivirus software on computer systems to detect, identify and eradicate viruses. In addition to help ensure that viruses are intercepted before harm. Also that organizations or individuals who wish to ensure proper information security would have to ensure appropriate supervision so as to check fraudulent activities of unauthorized user’s activities.