This research work analysis of the role of packaging in modern marketing was carried out at Ibadan at Oyo State, with particular reference to Iso glass plc. The work was done to examine the role of packaging in the company in the process of the work the research divided the work into the introduction of the problem and some term defined, in chapter two research revealed books which centered on packaging, chapter three is about the three methodology of the research which shows the areas of the study, population and the sample as well as the methods of data collection and its analysis. In chapter four the data collected were analyzed and interpreted in order to arrive at the finding. Conclusion were made and research gave his recommendation. The chapter also contained the limitation of the study and suggestion was made for further research.




Packaging plays an important role in modern marketing. Products going to the market have to be well packaged.

Packaging can play a minor role (example hardware items) or a major role (example cosmetics) many materials have called packaging the fifth “P” along with product, price, place and promotion. Marketers treat packaging as an element of product strategy.

According to Santon, packaging is the general group of activities in product planning that involves designing and producing the container or wrapper for a product.

Packaging is also defined as that aspect of product planning in which a firm researches, designs and produces a container or wrapper which is capable of protecting the product, facilitating use of that product and promoting the product.

Depending on the nature of the products, packaging is highly emphasized by most product managers due to its marketing implications. One product managers described packaging as a “silent salesman of an organization in a retail store.

Packaging can be defined as the science art and technology of enclosing or protecting products for distribution, storage roles as a medium in the marketing mix in promotion campaign, as a pricing criterion, in defining the character of a new product as a shelter trends and as instrument to create brand. Identity and shelf impact in all product groups. Packaging as a key industrial activity has contributed largely to the present need to be day increase in the standard of living. Packaging of product need to be dynamic and persuading.

The impression of a consumer about the product will inwardly decide in him, if he is to make purchase or not. Packaging of consumer goods needs intelligent leadership and management support in order to attain the company’s goals and objectives. Packaging on its own has been taken as a principal advertising medium.

It is also used as a means of informing and persuading people to buy the merchandise, it is a silent salesman of a company and its potentials and problem needs to be fully understood. If its to be properly.

Iso Glass Plc in one of such organizations that engages in packaging. Its was incorporated about 30 years ago as the first indigenes manufacturer of windscreen.

Iso glass is located in Block E, Plot 17 Oluyole Industrial Estate, Ring Road, P.O Box 833, Ibadan Oyo State. It is a manufacturing company that produces glass. The firm has total Staff, Strength of above 200 including the management team, their product and services include manufacturing of decorative, security, automotive and architectural glasses, shower enclosure and glass cleaning services. Iso Glass Company has customer from various part of the country and so are competitors


Iso Glass is one of the manufacturing companies in Nigeria. They started production as far back as 1990’s. The company produces glasses and bottles but of recent, the company has been experiencing a gradual decrease in its market share and consumer patronage of the country’s product. Some of the problems which other glass industries are exposed as well as Iso glass Plc include poor packaging. Some organization argues that packaging has nothing to do with the rate turnover of a company. But is it really true? This is what this study hope to unravel and by extension consider the following :

1. Packaging and communication of product features to the consumer.

2. Poor packaging and the quality of the product.

3. Poor packaging and the rate of turnover.


The study is carried out by the researcher to achieve the following objectives.

a. To determine the best way glass manufacturers can segment their market.

b. To determine the level of perception and consumer attitude towards packaging.

c. To find out the role of packaging to the firm or firms.

d. To highlight some factors responsible for efficient packaging.

e. To determine the role good product packaging plays in modern marketing.


The study is very important because at the end.

1. Information obtain will assist glass manufacturer in planning their packaging.

2. Information obtained will also guide students in carrying out research on the same topic in future.

3. The result of the research will also help firms solve problem associated with packaging.

4. Other research institute will equally benefit from the result of this research when concluded.


The following research question will give rise to the study.

1. Are consumers familiar with the term “packaging “

2. Are consumer’s familiar with the term packaging and how effective is packaging in the marketing of glassware?

3. Does good product packaging lead to increase in sales?

4. Does good packaging get the attention of the target market?

5. Does good packaging influence the consumers buying decision?


The scope of the study will be limited to the role of packaging in modern marketing.

Attention will also be directed to the consumers and distributors of glass manufacturers especially within Ibadan (Oyo State) to enable the researchers gather information on the effectiveness of the company.


Packaging: Packaging is material used to wrap or protect a product.

Product: Product is anything capable of satisfying consumer wants or needs. It could be inform of physical object service or idea.

Brand: A type of product made by a company under a particular name.

Customer: A person buying goods and services from a shop.

Marketing: Marketing is the social and managerial process by which individuals and groups obtain what they want through creation, offering and exchanging products or value with others.

Manufacturers: Are those who make use of raw material to produce those products needed by the consumers they are known as the producers.

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