There has been a quest for the need of the need for the application of marketing concept as a tool for retaining customers in manufacturing industry. This research has been focused on NIPOST in Aba to ascertain their operation and suggest the strict practicalization of marketing principles in order to improve the productivity and general performance of employees in the marketing of NIPOST.

This research work was conducted with the objective of ascertaining the extent of which marketing concept are being applied in the marketing of Nigeria Post Authority Plc or whether they concentrate higher proportion of the effort are limited to just receiving and posting of mails, with no other employee performance will be improved. This research work was conducted to find out whether Nigeria Post Authority Plc has separate marketing department and how effectively it is made us of data for the research were collected both from primary and secondary data. The primary data were collected through questionnaires and personal interview. Secondary data were collected from internet, professional journal textbooks, and other related materials.

The sample percentages methods were used to analyze the response. The data were analyzed with some of the finding of the research work. Based on the findings necessary recommendations were offered, which will help to improve the level in which the marketing concept are applied to the marketing of Nigeria post authority Plc to improve their employee performance and marketing productivity. This research project consists of five chapters.


Title page – – – – – – – – – -i
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Abstract – – – – – – – – – -v
Table of content – – – – – – – -vi
1.0 Introduction – – – – – – – -1
1.1 Background of the study – – – – – -1-3
1.2 Statement of problems – – – – – -3-4
1.3 Objective of the study – – – – – -4-5
1.4 Research questions – – – – – – -5
1.5 Significance of the study- – – – – – -5-6
1.6 Scope of the study – – – – – – -6-7
1.7 Limitations of the study – – – – – -7
1.8 Definition of terms – – – – – – -7-8
2.0 Literature review – – – – – – -9
2.1 Department of marketing concepts – – – 9-10
2.2 Adaptation of marketing concepts as a philosophy 11-12
2.3 The marketing mix element – – – – 12-16
2.4 Customers behavior – – – — – 17-20
2.5 Customers satisfaction – – – – – 21
2.6 Product services strategy for services – – 21-22
2.7 Distribution strategy for services – – – 22-24
2.8 Promotional strategy for service – – – 24-25
2.9 Price strategy for services – – – – 25-26
2.10 Time and for only a limited number of seats – 26-27
2.11 Evaluating performance – – – – – 27-28
3.0 Research design and methodology- – – – 29
3.1 Introduction – – – – – – – 29
3.2 Research design/method – – – – – 29-30
3.3 Sources of data – – – – – – 30
3.4 Method of data collection – – – – 31
3.5 Population of study and sample size determination31-32
3.6 Sampling techniques/procedure – – – 32-33
3.7 Validity and reliability of measuring instrument- 33
3.8 Method of data analysis – – – – – 34
4.0 Date presentation, analysis and interpretation 35
4.1 Divide into appropriate – – – — – 36-38
5.0 Summary conclusion and recommendations – 39
5.1 Summary of findings – – – – – 39
5.2 Conclusions – – – – – – – 40
5.3 Recommendations – – – – – – – 40-41
Bibliography – – – – – – – 42
Appendix – – – – – – – – 43
Questionnaires – – – – – – 44




This it the starting point for improving the profitability particularly in the area of satisfying customers requirement. Hill et al (1971) the marketing concept calls for an extrovert approach to business. Having expressed more specially it state that customer orientation for an organization of the needs wants to behavior of customers and the integration of all corporate activities in the market place are the key to more profitable sales. The concept also implies that profitability of a company operation of its effort in over seeing to the marketing activities rather than other functional area such as production, finance marketing or personnel.

However, customer’s orientation of any business does not mean that firm should fragment its activities across a whole range of possible customers need to be broken down groups whose member have similar buying characteristics. A marketers should be quick at capitalizing or newly identified need on how consumers must be aware of the math and be persuade in a good math and some how the product must be available to consumers and appear more desirable than other competing alternative or substitute Ejionume 1993.

The tenant of the marketing concepts or sales morality dictate that all effort of the marketer should be guarded towards the satisfaction of the need for consumers more effectively and efficiently than competitions. The Nigeria post authority Plc is one of the numerous public government establishment set up by the federal marketing in Nigeria primary to provide utility to the public. It also undertake the delivery of document parcels keeping of valuables and money pretences. The services rendered by NIPOST is very crucial and indispensable that all diligence is needed to deliver its to right quality at the right time, is the improvement in the services that necessitate the use marketing concept.

The marketing concept is a marketing philosophy which as attached the interest of various scholars its uses in delivery been given various interpretations is how goods and services can easily or convincingly reach the consumers. It is the research desire to discover the position of Nigeria Post Authority Plc as an institution and the services it rendered shall be investigated. It is expected to shows the context of satisfaction of dissatisfaction of the customers with services rendered by Nigeria post Authority Plc especially in Aba Abia state.


Poor quality service is one of the problem that hinders desirable productivity and growth in the Nigeria post authority plc industrial NIPOST plc has attracted incessant criticism and condemnation from people from all walk of life.

For instance, customers will go to the Nigeria Post authority Plc to purchase postal services (NIPOST) to purchase postal orders only to discover that they are out to stock, even the they are available one spend more than necessary time waiting to buy them. At the height of frustration, any attempts to complain to are often visited with rebuff. It could be noted that some motivated the research trying to find out the Nigeria Post authority Plc adopted marketing concept and to what extent it improves the quality of services renders to the customers.


For the purpose of this research, the researcher has in mind to determine the following:-

  1. To ascertain whether the marketing of Nigeria Post authority Plc concentrate of higher proportion of its effort in organizing the marketing activities.
  2. If the customers are satisfied with the service rendered by for their dissatisfaction.
  3. To recommend a more effective use of marketing concept in NIPOST after examination of the prevailing situation.
  4. To find out whether Nigeria Post authority Plc has separate marketing department and for how effectively it is made use of.


The research work analysis was an attempt to focus attention on the possible questionnaires that help the marketing to carry out their work.

  • What are strategies used to identified the need and want of consumers?
  • What type of promotion or advertisement used in order not to dissatisfied the consumers?
  • What types of channels of distribution were to use?


This research on the effect of marketing concept in Nigeria Post authority Plc NIPOST is very significant because Nigeria Post authority Plc indirectly affect the Nigeria economy at large.

Secondly, the relevance of this project will highlight the customers perception on the service of Nigeria Post authority Plc and recommendations of the quick recovery programme where ever short falls exist. Thus if a firm could improve on the quality of services it rendered to its customers it has directly enhance life cycle as well improve the society in the field of marketing. Science as well find this of great assistance sector. Finally, practitioners can interview and questionnaires will be administered are embraced in the data collected analysis and presentation.


This study is restricted to only Nigeria Post authority Plc because of its age among other narrowed down to Nigeria Post authority Plc because of its age among other government establishment and its generic growth from apprendage of the department of post and telecommunication (PT) of the ministry of communication to its present state of a separate and autonomously government establishment. The experience of Nigeria Post authority Plc would be a good case study for other government establishment to emulate furthermore, there was problem of resources which would have been helpful to hidden the scope.


The study essentially deals with the need for the application of marketing concept in marketing government establishment. Other problem that limits the study are the attitude of respondents to research in developing countries. The problem in gathering relevant information on the real motive behind the research.

The researcher also found it difficult to get relevant information from the customers of Nigeria post Authority Plc some were not cooperating while others were not at home when the researcher visited.


MARKETING: Is the performance activity that direct the flow of goods from the produce to the consumers. Marketing also means a social and marketing process by which individuals and group obtain what they want and need through greatly and exchanging product and values with others.

MARKETING CONCEPT: Is defined as customers oriented backed by integrated backed by integrated marketing aimed at generating customers satisfaction as the key to satisfy.

CUSTOMERS ORIENTATION: Means that then markets gears his activities towards customers need that has being oriented of learning favorable towards the customers.

CUSTOMERS SATISFACTION: Means customers problem soling by giving the customers those goods and services or things of value need at the right price in the right place and in the right combination.

PHILATERLIC SERVICES: Means expert knowledge do collecting postage stamps.

EXTROVERT APPROACH: Means a person coming nearer to be more interested in what goes on around him that in his own thoughts and feeling.

NIPOST: Nigeria Post Authority Plc.