Appraisal of Municipal Solid Waste Management in Enugu Municipality


Appraisal of Municipal Solid Waste Management in Enugu Municipality


This study was carried out to appraise the municipal solid waste management in Enugu Municipality. To do this, a cross sectional study was carried out in the neighbourhoods in Enugu. A multistage sampling technique was used. The first stage involved simple random sampling to select three neighbourhoods – Abakpa (I ligh Density), New Haven (Medium Density) and Trans-Ekulu (Low Density). Existing literature on the topic was reviewed. Primary and secondary data were collected for this study. The study findings show that there is improvement in municipal solid waste management now than in the last two years (94.0(%). The study also showed that the authority charged with Municipal Solid Waste Manageme nt (ESWAMA) is doing well (91.7%). The research findings also revealed that people do not like to pay for sanitation services and are not willing to pay. Findings also revealed that the people do not comply fully with the ESWAMA specification in bagging their wastes and disposing them in the dump stands. The research recommends environment education and awareness/enlightenment; community participation; procurement or more dump stands and compactor vehicles and possible establishment of an incinerator fur combustibles, composting system and sorting of the waste at source.

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