Office Technology Management

Appraisal of the Contributions of Modern Communication Equipment to Job Performance of Secretaries in Selected Business Organizations


The rapid growth in information technology and the recognition of the modern world gave rise to the introduction of modern communication equipment. Office work is becoming more complex and businesses have become too demanding in nature. As inventions of new sophisticated devices are coming out every day and new business opportunities are being generated everyday for the secretary who has a vital role to play in both managerial and administrative aspect of the organization, there arises the need for the secretary to be versatile in using the different office equipment being invented to aid business operations. Financial institutions such as banks require modern communication equipment to aid their operations and overcome the activities of fraudsters. There is hardly any business that does not deal with information/correspondences which need to be processed and transmitted through modern communication equipment to those who has need of it, before it can be meaningful. It therefore, becomes necessary and important for the secretary to possess the skills and knowledge needed to use these equipments profitably. This research work is necessary in the above mentioned areas and also in other areas as the findings would bring to limelight the contributions and challenges, problems and benefits that the society, organizations, and individuals stand to gain by using this equipment in carrying out their operations. This study also examines how organizations, individuals and the society is affected by modern communication equipment as well as the various skills needed by the secretary to operate them and to cope with the challenges, and the also proffer possible ways to alleviate the problems.

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