This project work has been primarily designed to produce a complete courage of the study ‘‘Bankers role in pension fund management in Nigeria’’. The pension reform Act 2004 (‘‘The Act’’) established a compulsory contributory pension scheme for employee in both private and public sectors of the economy. The Act requires every employee to open a retirement saving account (RSA) into which contributions by both employer and employee would be paid. It is in this connection that this study was decided to carryout critically the bankers role, contributions, their purpose, activities and their importance in pension fund management, also their positive impact as well as their negative impact will be examined. The provision made by the pension reform act 2004. In an attempt to cover the area of study indeptly, both secondary and primary source of data collection method were used. Secondary data were collected through research into various textbooks, journals, and our major source is through the internet. Lastly, I shall focus on the summary, conclusion and proposed recommendation to be adopted.