This work is designed to assess the Nature of capital market, its significance, mode of operation, its contributory functions in general and narrowly in Nigeria contact. The problems associated with the development of capital market in developing countries using Nigeria as an example.


A capital market is a complex institution comprising of regulators, facilitators, issuers and investors. It is the mechanism through which long term funds for households, firms and government are polled and made available to various sectors of the economy, including transfer of instrument already outstanding. The capital market on the other hand, deals with long term financial claims and obligations. It provides the necessary facilities for users and supplier of capital (Longterm) funds to interact for their mutual benefit. Hence most financial activities which are necessary in the investment process are consummated in that market. Capital market instruments have long-term maturity. Some like equity stock have indefinite maturity dates. In general, all financial transactions which involve maturity periods of over three years could be presumed to belong to the capital market it also has no confined place for its operation however, parts of the market are concentrated in certain well-known centers. Participants in the market are businessmen, government at all levels, financial intermediaries and private investors. In this market buyers are more specific about their requirements.


Capital market is a market that deals with long term funds and procedure for financing long-term investments. it is also a market where by small business cannot benefit because of its high interest rate.

I want to investigate on some of the problems that hinders the promotion of capital market in Nigeria, also the corrective measure which could be used in solving these problems.

Some of the problems the researcher intends to research are:

a. Dearth in securities

b. Lack of adequate publicity

c. Retention attitude

d. Low savings

e. Lack of interest in securities

Some of the corrective measures that could be adapted to resolve the problem are:

a. Education on the important of buying

b. Government helping to increase the standard of living in Nigeria.

c. High interest rate should be implemented

d. Establishment of more quoted companies that will participate is selling of securities


The main aim of the study is to find out how capital market institutions can detect and control some of these problems in issuing of securities to the public for the improvement of capital market in Nigeria.

Some objective of this study are:

1. To draw a clear picture of the nature capital market, its significance to economic growth and development of the economics.

2. To know the causes of these problems facing them.

3. To identify the implication of these problems in our economic.

4. To profer the possible solution to the problem.


The study will be immensely beneficiary to the institution under study. The findings of the research work together with its conclusion and recommendation will be of importance in the regard to future researchers. It is also hoped that it will serve as a basis for further academic adventures.

The relief of these problems should improve capital market in our country.

These will also increase move surplus funds in economic development.

These will attract foreign capital inflows in Nigeria.