Cloud Computing Evaluation: How it Differs to Traditional IT Outsourcing


Cloud Computing Evaluation: How it Differs to Traditional IT Outsourcing (Computer Science Project Topics)


Cloud Computing, that is providing computer resources as a service, is a technology revolution offering flexible IT usage in a cost efficient and pay-per-use way. As for the evaluation of companies to whether which technology solution to use, it would be necessary to decide whether or not the evaluation of cloud computing would actually differ to the traditional way of IT outsourcing.

Problem Discussion

Outsourcing IT capabilities are a crucial and inevitable step for enterprises that want to survive in the currently high competitive climate. Until now most of the researches, that has been done so far, only consider the XaaS model only from a traditional IT outsourcing point of view rather than in the cloud computing context. This research will now include the evaluation of cloud solutions giving companies another possibility to outsource their IT resources.


The purpose is now to see how the evaluation of cloud computing possibilities as an outsourcing option actually differs to traditional IT outsourcing. One aspect that needs to be covered with this purpose, is whether it is possible to evaluate the source through a cloud computing solution with the same concepts and theories used to evaluate traditional IT outsourcing. It will also be the purpose to see, which aspects need to be added or removed when considering a cloud computing opportunity compared to the traditional IT outsourcing.


With help of the theoretical framework, interviews have been launched with three companies to see what their general opinion and knowledge is on the evaluation of cloud computing and its maturity. Questions have been asked openly so that answers could not be directed or manipulated by the authors of the research.


After challenging the theoretical framework against the data collected, the traditional IT outsourcing theories appeared to be valid also for the evaluation of cloud computing solutions. Some important concepts are added to the evaluation of cloud computing solutions in consequence of particularities present in the model.

Source: Jönköping University

Author: Débora Di Giacomo | Tino Brunzel

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