Communion Poem of Yahuza Ahmad “Nadhratun Na’im Fittawajjuhi Bi Asaamillahi Zaljalali Wal Ikram”


Communion Poem of Yahuza Ahmad “Nadhratun Na’im Fittawajjuhi Bi Asaamillahi Zaljalali Wal Ikram”


This research work titled: COMMUNION POEM OF YAHUZA AHMAD “NADHRATUN NAIM FITTAWAJJUHI BI ASAAMIL LAHI ZALJALALI WAL IKRAM” A STUDY LITERARY ANALYSIS, is aimed at discovering literary aesthetic and values in Arabic communion poem of an Arabic poet. The research comprises five chapters. Chapter one covers the introductory part which include statement of the problem, significant of the research, aims and objective, scope and limitation, methodology and review of some related literature. Chapter two of the research covers the biography of the poet and the impact of his environment on his literary works socially and intellectually, the chapter also enumerates some of his literary works. Chapter three highlights on the contribution of past West African scholars in the development of communion poem as contained in the poet’s poem. It also focuses on the literary analysis of the poem. Chapter four highlights the artistic potential of the poem through metaphorical, simile, mystical, intertextual expression and Rhyming appreciation of the poem. Chapter five is the conclusion and summary of the research work with some recommendation. It is hoped that the work will boost further research in the tremendous Arabic literary legacies of our indigenous scholars.

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