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Apple Watch Series 8 VS Apple Watch Series 7

Apple Watch Series 8 VS Apple Watch Series 7
03 March 2023

    Smartwatches today are unlikely to surprise anyone – it seems that there have been no big innovations in this category of devices for several years (with some exceptions). And the Apple Watch Series 8 is the perfect example to illustrate this. It is important to understand that this watch is one of the best in the class, and it is unlikely to disappoint. But there are so few changes compared to last year's Series 7 that buying the latter at a better price is a viable option. Let's get into the details.


    Series 8, like its predecessors, is available in two sizes – 41 mm and 45 mm. On the test clock with an enlarged display. And contrary to popular belief, they are suitable not only for men, but also for women – subjectively, it is worth choosing based on the preferences of a particular person. Although the 41 mm version was clearly created with a female audience in mind. Apple Watch Series 8Features:

    • Colors. Compared to Series 7, the color palette of the “eights” cases (at least in aluminum versions – the most common) has decreased, dark, silver, golden, and red variations have remained in the asset. Straps from previous generations will also fit the new products – there are no changes in this aspect. The scope of delivery has also not changed, it includes the watch itself, a silicone strap and a USB charging cable. C on one of the ends (a 20 W power adapter for faster energy replenishment will have to be purchased separately if you do not already have one).
    • Digital Crown. With the controls, everything is quite standard: the Digital Crown wheel and a large power key that calls up a list of previously running applications and by double-clicking; Apple Pay. On the back side there are sensors for measuring the physical parameters of the user. There is protection according to the IPX6 standard, and also the ability to swim with the watch at a depth of up to 50 meters. True, not in salt water (although experience shows that even short-term swims in the sea usually do nothing for hours – but I will not recommend doing so).
    • OLED. The OLED display remains the same – with a diagonal of 1.9 inches (326 ppi), an LTPO matrix (thanks to which the Always-On mode works) and a peak brightness of a thousand nits. Not a record anymore (iPhone 14 Pro panels can glow up to two thousand nits), but more than enough for most scenarios. I definitely don’t want to dig into the screen, it will surely suit most buyers (as the screens did in the previous Apple Watch).

    The main differences between Series 8 and Series 7

    Significant – not so much. The Watch Series 8 has a sensor for measuring the temperature of the skin (more precisely, the wrist). It is activated immediately (you can check it: Settings – Privacy – Security or through the Watch app on your smartphone).

    Apple Watch Series 8

    The watch does this automatically, and at night – in sleep mode (must be worn for at least four hours). Apple does not specifically position its smartwatches as medical devices (this will entail additional difficulties with certification in different countries), but the same level of oxygen in the blood (SpO2) can still be measured separately. Why does not allow doing this with the temperature of the wrist – does not comment?

    And one more thing: you can look at temperature deviations collected in automatic mode in the Health app (Overview – Body measurement – Wrist temperature). It is true, to complete this, you need to sleep with the watch for at least five nights. But even in this case (we are guided by reviews on the network, it was not possible to spend so much time with the Series 8), the exact temperature will not be displayed – only minimal deviations will be shown. For girls, the functionality of temperature sensors (there are two of them in smartwatches) has been expanded. The application has a section “Basal body temperature”. It is also specified there: it rises slightly during ovulation, and monitoring this temperature will help determine the day of ovulation. Previously, you could write data to this section manually, but with Watch Series 8, the collected information goes away on its own.

    What other changes are there?

    Determination of car accidents (Crash Detection function). According to the company, it became available thanks to the introduction of an improved 3-axis gyroscope, as well as an accelerated accelerometer. There is a similar feature in the iPhone 14. Apple Watch Series 7News:

    • watchOS 9.2. Other features are more related to the operating system (the current version at the time of publication of the material is watchOS 9.2). Among them is an updated compass, as well as the ability to add waypoints for “return to the route.” But similar modes are available on this version of the OS and for watches of previous generations starting from Series 5.
    • S8. Another point is the nominally new processor, S8, which in fact does not differ in power or energy efficiency from the S7 in the Watch Series 7 (the latter, in turn, practically did not differ from the S6). Autonomy remained at the same level – a day and a half with a full load with an active Always-On-screen.
    • U1. The asset also has a U1 chip for precise positioning of watches in space (as in the AirTag geotag). Of the very minor – updated Bluetooth to version 5.3.


    Title Apple Watch Series 7 Apple Watch Series 8
    Display OLED; 1000nit OLED; 1000nit
    Resolution 396×484 396×484
    Battery 308mAh 308mAh
    Bluetooth 5.0 5.3
    Processor S7 S8
    Prices $299 $399


    Unlike smartphones, smartwatches become obsolete a little slower — Series 5 owners (and older models) should upgrade. Does it make sense to switch to Series 8? The question is open. Subjectively, as long as last year's Series 7 remains on sale (or until the difference in price between them becomes completely insignificant), there is not so much sense in this – the devices, if not the same, then very similar. Does this make the Watch Series 8 a bad smartwatch? Not at all, in terms of the combination of characteristics, they clearly do not lose to competitors from other brands (although watches from other companies are hardly suitable for iPhone owners). But they don’t cause a special wow effect either – the huge Apple Watch Ultra, which will be reviewed later, does a better job of this.
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