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MIUI 14 VS MIUI 13 and problem with update on Xiaomi

MIUI 14 VS MIUI 13 and problem with update on Xiaomi
12 January 2023
    • There is very little time left before the release of one of the most long-awaited MIUI updates, but there has not been any specific information about the changes until now.
    • The head of Xiaomi lifted the veil of secrecy and spoke about the main differences between MIUI 14 and MIUI 13, and I combined everything into a short article listing the key points.
    • But before sharing the available information with you, I’ll tell you at least briefly how to fix one of the common mistakes when updating Xiaomi smartphones.

    Update failed

    • Problem. This difficulty has become especially relevant in recent times. After the user updates the smartphone to the latest version of MIUI, in the settings, or more precisely in the “About phone” item, a notification continues to appear that a new version is available.
    • Restart didn't help. Or after the update, the smartphone constantly asks for a reboot, which solves absolutely nothing.
    • Solution. The solution to these difficulties is simple. In the main settings menu, open the “Applications” item, using the search, find the “Update” application and click on the “Uninstall updates” button.
    • Cleaning. In addition, (if the amount of memory occupied by the application exceeds 40 MB), you need to clear the data and cache, and then restart the smartphone.

    MIUI 14 Differences

    The head of Xiaomi announced that MIUI 14 will be the most optimized and lightweight flagship mobile operating system. Compared to MIUI 13, the system will take up 23% less memory.Miui 14 Differences:

    • The number of non-removable system applications will be reduced to eight. Applications that can be uninstalled from the smartphone are marked with a blue indicator.
    • The “Razor” project is aimed at simplifying the configuration of auto-start applications (including system ones), to eventually get the maximum amount of free RAM.
    • The interface language will become more friendly and understandable, and features such as “Super Wallpaper” and MIUI theme customization will receive new locations and settings.
    • By the way, registration for early access to the update is already available for MIUI China users. You can only register one smartphone per Mi account.
    • Later, a similar program will appear for the global version, which I will certainly inform you about and tell you how to register.
    How do you like the changes in MIUI 14? I think Xiaomi is on the right track and perhaps for the first time in history will make a system that will be a pleasure to use.
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