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Amazfit GTS 4 VS Amazfit GTR 4

Amazfit GTS 4 VS Amazfit GTR 4
12 January 2023

    Recently, Amazfit introduced the GTR 4 and GTS 4, the latest iterations of smartwatches from their famous lineups. At the same time, despite the high level of interest from potential buyers, there have been few full-fledged reviews of the GTR 4 and GTS 4 on the Internet in the two months since the presentation of the watch. But the presented watches definitely deserve attention. Therefore, we decided partially to correct the situation that has arisen – to compile a detailed review of Amazfit GTS 4 and GTR 4, as well as to compare models in terms of design, functionality, autonomy, and other important parameters. We guarantee the relevance of the information. Happy reading!

    Packaging and contents of Amazfit GTS 4 and GTR 4 smartwatches

    • Packaging. Both models come in beautiful black boxes that show smartwatches, and their names and specifications. The set is the same in both cases. The kit includes the smartwatch Amazfit GTR 4 or GTS 4, magnetic charging and accompanying documentation (instructions, warranty card).

    Amazfit GTS 4 and GTR 4 DisplayCharging:

    • Charging. It is noteworthy that branded charging is suitable for both versions of smartwatches. Therefore, if you purchase both reviewed models, you can use only one charger, saving the second copy in case the analogue used breaks down.

    Amazfit GTR 4 and GTS 4 smartwatch design

    • Design. The main difference between the two reviewed models is their design. The Amazfit GTR 4 smartwatch has a round body shape (as in a classic wristwatch). The body dimensions of the device are 46×46×10.6 mm, weight 34 g. The display diagonal is 1.43 inches, and the screen resolution is 466×466 pixels.
    • Shape. At the same time, Amazfit GTS 4 smartwatch has a rectangular shape. The dimensions of the watch case are 37×43×9.4 mm, weight 25 g. The screen diagonal (due to design features) is large – 1.75 inches, but the resolution (due to the same features) is already smaller – 450×390 pixels.

    Amazfit GTS 4 and GTR 4

    • Features. In both cases, the watch is made of aluminum, the surface is matte. The watch uses an AMOLED matrix, and the dial is protected by high-quality waterproof glass. By the way, the declared moisture protection indicator is 5 ATM, which means that Amazfit GTS 4 and GTR 4 can be used for walking in the rain, showering, and even swimming at shallow depths. Although, it is not recommended to immerse the watch in water for a long time.
    • Straps. Despite the different sizes and resolutions, the usability of the watch is about the same. The watch looks stylish. Information is displayed clearly, and even on sunny days because the peak brightness reaches 1000 nits. Straps can be chosen for every taste and color. The main thing to remember is that the straps for Amazfit GTR 4 and GTS 4 are not interchangeable. In the first case, a strap with a width of 22 mm is used, in the second – 20 mm, which means that when buying additional straps, you need to be careful.
    • Side buttons. Another significant difference in the design of Amazfit GTR 4 and GTS 4 is the number and location of side buttons. The Amazfit GTR 4 has two buttons. The main (spinning) is on the top right, the additional (depressed) on the bottom right. The Amazfit GTS 4 model has only one button, located on the right center. Judging by the reviews, most people prefer the second option, but in practice both solutions are equally convenient. Although, the first option really takes some getting used to.
    • Appearance. You can view the design of the Amazfit GTS 4 and GTR 4 watches in the attached images or in the video posted at the end of our article. Remember that it is the appearance that is the main difference between these models, so when evaluating smartwatches, pay primary attention to this parameter. Moreover, in addition to design, the devices in question differ only in autonomy. But we will talk about this in the corresponding section of the prepared review.

    Managing Amazfit GTR 4 and GTS 4

    • Both clock variations are managed in two main ways − by swiping on the touch screen and by using the side buttons. At their core, the methods are identical because the choice of control method depends solely on the preferences of users. As we said above, the Amazfit GTR 4 watch has two buttons. The first allows you to scroll and select items from the main menu, the second is used to quickly access the training menu. Amazfit GTS 4 has only one button, similar to the first button in Amazfit GTR 4.

    Amazfit GTS 4 and GTR 4

    • We also note that you can control the clock through the application on your smartphone. Among other options, customization is traditionally available, including choosing a watch face, installing mini applications on the watch, setting application permissions and other options, affecting the functionality and convenience of managing smartwatches. The watch is connected to the phone via Bluetooth, and the watch itself supports the fifth version of this standard, which ensures high speed of interaction of the mentioned devices.
    • The watch itself works thanks to the use of Zepp OS 2.0, the proprietary operating system of the Amazfit brand. Note that the system is perfectly optimized, so the clock works quickly. There have never been any lags and freezes for the entire period of operation of the devices. Information is displayed quickly and correctly. Synchronization with a smartphone also works fine. There are simply no complaints about the issues mentioned (clock control, as well as reading and transmitting data).

    Amazfit GTS 4 and GTR 4 smartwatch functionality

    In terms of functionality, both watch models are the same. It means that the following features are relevant for both versions of smartwatches.

    Basic smartwatch features

    • Many people forget about it, but almost all modern smartwatch models can be used not only for measuring data, but also for all kinds of communications. In particular, the functionality of Amazfit GTS 4 and GTR 4 implies the ability to receive phone calls (requires synchronization with a smartphone), receive notifications, listen to music (there is a special storage for audio files in the watch).
    • Interestingly, the built-in microphone here is excellent, so there are no problems with sound transmission. The speaker is also good, but rather quiet, so when talking or playing audio files, it's better to bring your wrist with the watch closer to your ear. The vibration here is also not bad, and you can adjust its parameters individually, using a proprietary application on your smartphone. Functions, related to GPS navigation (including GPS track guidance) work fine. There is no NFC option, although this circumstance is unlikely to upset anyone.

    Amazfit GTS 4 and GTR 4 Display

    • In addition, it is worth noting the presence of the Always-on-Display function, although it is poorly developed and is perceived normally only when using standard dials. There are also a number of useful mini-applications such as a calculator, notepad, weather, and news browsers. Simple games are also supported (for example, “snake”).

    Basic features of Amazfit GTS 4 and GTR 4 smartwatches

    A nice bonus is the ability to sync with several popular services for tracking the activity of athletes, including Adidas Running and Strava. Amazfit GTS 4 and GTR 4 also support route import and reverse navigation, which are useful not only during sports, but also in everyday life.

    Medical measurements and sports regimens

    • The main component of the monitored devices is the modern BioTracker 4.0 PPG sensor, which provides accurate round-the-clock monitoring of the health of smartwatch users. In general, measurements are carried out using a number of miniature high-precision sensors, so the measurement errors are quite insignificant.

    Amazfit GTS 4 VS GTR 4 Health:

    • If we discuss medical indicators, then Amazfit GTR 4 and GTS 4 smartwatches can measure heart rate, SpO2, stress level, energy consumption. Very well implemented options for monitoring the quality of sleep and the subsequent provision of recommendations to improve this indicator. Supports menstrual cycle monitoring, although the presence of such a function in smartwatches is not particularly surprising for users now.

    Amazfit GTS 4 VS GTR 4

    • Amazfit GTS 4 and GTR 4 smartwatches support 154 training modes, and some training modes are determined automatically. When any mode is activated, automatic measurement and recording of various indicators begins. As a result, the user gets access to various figures and graphs, thanks to which he can evaluate his progress in certain directions. You can also always look at your personal activity index and draw the appropriate conclusions.
    • A nice bonus is the ability to sync with several popular services for tracking the activity of athletes, including Adidas Running and Strava. Amazfit GTS 4 and GTR 4 also support route import and reverse navigation functions, and these options are useful not only during sports, but also in everyday life.

    Autonomy of smartwatches Amazfit GTR 4 and GTS 4

    The possibilities in terms of autonomy for these watches are different. The Amazfit GTR 4 version has a 475 mAh battery, theoretically allowing you to use the watch for one or two weeks – in active and normal mode, respectively. In practice, the watch is enough for 3–4 days of active use (with the standard settings of the GPS module and activated options for measuring all kinds of medical indicators). A full charge of the battery takes 2-2.5 hours. Amazfit GTS 4 and GTR 4 battery The Amazfit GTS 4 is equipped with a 300 mAh battery and theoretically should work for 4–8 days, but in practice it lasts 2–3 days, and then requires recharging. In truth, these figures are relevant only in the case of really active use of the watch. If you use their options only occasionally, then the charge will be enough for a week. You can charge the watch from 0% to 100% in about 1.5 hours.

    Should I buy Amazfit GTS 4 and GTR 4 smartwatches?

    If you have never used a smartwatch before, or if you are using a 2020 or earlier model, then the decision to buy Amazfit GTS 4 or GTR 4 will fully justify itself. First, this watch has many more features. Secondly, measurement accuracy (due to the use of more modern sensors) is at a fundamentally new level. At the same time, in terms of ergonomics, Amazfit GTS 4 and GTR 4 smartwatches are superior to most modern smartwatch models from other brands. Therefore, if you want to get full statistics of your sports achievements, monitor your health or just buy a stylish accessory with many useful features, then buying Amazfit GTR 4 and GTS 4 will be a reasonable act. The main thing is to immediately decide on a suitable design and buy a smartwatch of the corresponding model.
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