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MacBook Pro 13" M2 VS MacBook Air 13" M2

MacBook Pro 13" M2 VS MacBook Air 13" M2
04 February 2023

    Apple has updated the 13-inch MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. The key change from previous models is, of course, the platform – both Air and Pro received a high-end, super-efficient Apple M2 processor.

    The power of which is more than enough not only for all everyday tasks, but also for design, editing, even for 3D modeling. In other words, the new MacBook Air 13 M2 and MacBook Pro 13 M2 will be an excellent choice for both ordinary users and professionals who need maximum performance. But is this very performance so much gone in comparison with “apple” laptops on M1? Let's figure it out.


    The Apple M1 processor was a pleasant surprise at the time – exceptional work with applications in multitasking mode, fast rendering even of 4K video, easy playback of heavy media content. All of this was a pleasant surprise. But occasionally, there were situations when, for example, applications running in the background could still slow down. Apple M2Apple M2:

    • Apple Silicone. In the case of M2, which opened the Apple Silicone line of the second generation. We are waiting for a more advanced solution, which is built on an updated 5 nm process. What can boast of the Apple M2 and its proud carriers in the face of the Apple MacBook Air 13 (2022) and Apple MacBook Pro 13 (2022)?
    • Power. Speed, speed and more speed! But is the difference so significant that you choose the MacBook on the M2, and not on the M1, whose power is more than enough even now? To be honest, not much. With the M2, you will get an 18% performance boost compared to the M1 in terms of processor power and a 35% boost in video accelerator power.
    • Multitasking. In everyday tasks, you will hardly feel the difference, but with one warning – if you are used to working with many applications in multitasking mode, then the M2 should be somewhat better than its predecessor. Those same slowdowns about which we wrote in the case of poppies on M2, they will hardly make themselves felt.
    • 4K. In addition, you will get a speed boost in rendering the same video and will be able to work comfortably in editing programs and graphics packages with heavy files – even if we are talking about 4K scenes with filters applied, effects. Professionals will definitely be satisfied.
    • 8K H.264. Moreover, the Apple MacBook Air 13 M2 (2022) and Apple MacBook Pro 13 M2 (2022) are equipped with an upgraded hardware video decoding encoding unit. This means that on the new products you can safely “drive” 8K H.264 and H.264 video. Spinning 4K and 8K videos in multiple streams in ProRes quality is also not a problem.
    • Games. As for games, of course, the faces of the Apple MacBook Air 13 (2022) and Apple MacBook Pro 13 (2022) are not gaming stations at all. Nevertheless, a 39% increase in gaming performance will be a nice addition.
    • SSD. From other interesting “iron” details – all the same fast solid-state drive, as in poppies on the M1. Only much more capacious! The maximum capacity of the SSD has been increased to two terabytes! We also increased the maximum amount of LPDDR5 memory – if the models on the M1 carried up to 16 GB of memory, then new items can boast a maximum volume of up to 24 GB!


    If the Apple MacBook Air 13 and Apple MacBook Pro 13 on the M1 processor were significantly different in appearance, then with the release of the new line, these differences have almost disappeared. “Air” design, which many liked so much, has sunk into oblivion. Now we have before us not just a technological and, at the same time, a fashion accessory in the good sense of the word, but a stylish “workhorse” in a classic form, in the form of a flattened MacBook Pro. Macbook Pro M2 VS Macbook Air M2 Design:

    • MagSafe 3. One of the pleasant changes is a magnetic connector for powering MagSafe 3rd version, the same as on the MacBook Pro 14. The main advantage is that when you charge your laptop, you have two USB-C ports free!
    • Touch Bar. As for the MacBook Pro, there are even fewer external changes – the same design, the Touch Bar above the keyboard.

    Screen and Other Features

    The Apple MacBook Air 13, in addition to powerful hardware, received a pleasant, if not revolutionary, screen update. The MacBook Air M2 uses a Liquid Retina screen with a peak brightness of 500 nits versus 400 for the Air on the M1. Juicy picture, a billion colors, gorgeous viewing angles – what else is needed for happiness? The screen here is truly a work of art! Moreover, the display itself has become a little larger with the previous dimensions of the device itself – it has grown from 13.3 inches to 13.6 inches. Macbook SpecificationsDisplay:

    • IPS. But the Pro screen has not changed significantly – the same cool IPS panel with 2560×1600 pixels, 500 cd/m2 brightness, True Tone technology and wide color gamut (P3).
    • Cooling system. Apple MacBook Air 13 M2 and Apple MacBook Pro 13 M2 have slightly different cooling systems. If “Air” uses a passive cooling system, then in Pro it is active, and even if this adds noise when working with resource-intensive applications, allows you to get the most out of your laptop.
    • Battery life. The battery life of the new Air and Pro models is somewhat different, but not by much. Both laptops show wonderful performance – if the Air can last 18 hours on a single charge, then the Pro does demonstrate an impressive 20 hours away from the outlet. Almost a day of battery life, or more than two working days!

    What to choose?

    If you are professionally engaged in video editing, graphics processing, and at the same time you are constantly on the move, then the Apple MacBook Pro 13 sample 2022 will be perhaps the best choice. A compact and unrealistically powerful laptop with a durable battery and a gorgeous screen. If a few hours of extra charge and slightly more peak performance are not so critical for you, then, in our opinion, the fresh Air 13 2022 is the ideal solution, the golden mean. Macbook Pro M2 VS Macbook Air M2Summary:

    And finally, all those who wants to get a cool nimble Mac, but at the same time does not chase the advanced ones. Will not be disappointed at all with Macs on the M1 – they are also very fast, smart, light, and super autonomous. The main difference between generations is in the slightly faster M2 processor for new products and a series of small details.
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