The use of manual system of data encryption and decryption has a damaging implication resultant on the images in some companies and the negative impact this trend has had on the users of such system. Much resource is lost annually by firms due to the uncontrolled and unscientific nature of this system.

In this traditional system, to guarantee privacy of information/communications between any two subscribes in a network consisting of 1000 members, 499,500 secret keys would be necessary, one for each possible combination of sender and receivers. Keys have been distributed by a secure channel such as a trusted courier with an attached case manual led to a wrist, a costly and time consuming method.

This particular project is set to appraise already existing system by designing a better one which will facilitate the level of satisfaction and competence in the challenges in information technology.


This project work titled design and implementation of computerized data encryption and decryption system is organized into different chapters.

Chapter one introduces the project work, purpose of the study, aims and objectives. The limitations, scope of work and assumptions were also included. This section ended with a definition of term used in the project work.

The review of books and literature of different scholars with respect to the above caption are summarized in chapter two to bring clarification.

I went forward in chapter three to describe and analyze the already existing system using procedure chart, information flow chart etc.

The chapter four and five of this work dealt intensively on the design and implementation of the new computerized system using diagrams and programs.

Documentation of the information the subsequent users of the software is elaborated in chapter six.