Construction of a 2KVA VARIAC (0V – 240V) Range


Construction of a 2KVA VARIAC (0V – 240V) Range


A VARIAC is also known as a variable autotransformer. A single primary winding wrapped around a magnetic core is used as in the autotransformer but instead of being fixed at some point, the secondary is tapped continuously over the output voltage range. In the construction, a toroidal core was used so as to allow for easy variation of output voltage. All the details that are required to help in constructing the VARIAC to ensure that it gives the desired result was also determined. The appropriate insulation materials as well as the electrical accessories were selected taking the power, voltage and current rating of the VARIAC into consideration. The construction was divided into three segments: magnetic circuit, electrical circuit and casing construction. The magnetic circuit construction gives details of the magnetic core and how it was prepared for winding along. The electrical circuit construction gives details of the whole winding along with insulation and leads termination. The constructed work was tested. The tests carried out include continuity test, insulation resistance test, mechanical and running tests

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