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Construction of Step Up Transformer with Multi-Output

Construction of Step Up Transformer with Multi-Output


Transformer is one of the indispensable devices mostly in Electric Power Transmission, Transformer Step-down or Step-up, the output voltage/current to the design requirement. This project was meant to show the necessary step and methods of designing and constructing a typical step-up auto transformer with tapping.

In this project, we gathered information from both primary data (personal interview) and secondary data (information from textbook and internet). The project work consist of copper winding which was self-induced the wind has several tapping for secondary voltages. It also consists of Iron Core which was laminated, bolt and nut to hold the Iron Core tight.

In this design, am using 1KVA to be 5000w, for any current that come in like input to give 5000w output for a Air-conditioner to used.

The winding determine wealthier step-up or step-down, in step-up is to increase voltage rating the primary turn were determine by measuring the length of the primary coil to the calculated length value then number of turns was 396 turns, which was rounded up to 400 turns for ease of calculation of the secondary number of turns, so secondary was calculating transformer ratio.

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