Progression is the major objective of an organisation. An organisation need to progress financially, structural and increase quality and improve quality of its production to meet a higher demand and capture more public interests. This depends on how the organisation is able to top the potential resources of an organisation can make or mar the organisation.

One of the most skills required in a contemporary work setting is the ability to work as a team. Every members of the organisation is very important and should work actively for the success of the organisation. A team is collection of individuals who are interdependent in their tasks, who themselves and who are seen by others as an intact social entity embedded in one or more social systems e g business unit or corporation and who manage their relationship across organisational boundaries (Sand Storms, Demese and Futrell 1990).

The researcher is carrying out a critical analysis of Teamwork as a Tool for Organisational Development. Some individual are withdrawn in nature and find it difficult to work or blend with others.

A business organisation is such that works is interdependent where members depends on one another for complete outcome. Working independently in a work setting frustrates the rate of out put as well as general organisation growth.

Teamwork is considering the basis for organisational development. Question always arise as individual and organisations really benefiting from team work? Why do some people find it difficult to work in a team?


An organisation involves a number of individuals who must work interdependently for the success and development of the organisation. The desire to carry out an analysis of team work as a tool for organisational development was a result of the following problems

Some individuals in their workplaces find it difficult to work in team ie they dislike teamwork. This is because they are blind to numerous contribution of teamwork to the development of the organisation.

Another issues is the inability of the organisation to build a team which is accepted to all individuals in the organisation.


While persistence to stand by the truth is a virtue, obstinate refusal to consider new ideas and methods is a major problem. For example, Napoleon once told a defeated opponent “I will tell you the mistake you are always making. You draw up, you plan the day before battle, when you do not yet know your adversary’s movements.”

Lack of participation

Team members fail to complete assignments. There may be poor attendance at team meetings or low energy during meetings.

Teamwork improves office relationships

When people work together as a team, they do not only become more invested in their project, they become more invested in one another as well. Team members support one another and adapt to outside of the team structure and adapt to each others working styles.

The problem is with the abundant and numerous advantages in teamwork in the teamwork in the work places why are some people resist working as a team?


The research is carried out to critically analysis teamwork as a tool for organisational development for the following objectives:

a. The study is aimed at examining reasons and why some people find it difficult to work as team with a view to prefer solution s to high productivity and progress

b. Another objectives of this study is to identify problems associated with non compliance to teamwork.

c. The study also aimed at identifying the contributions of teamwork to the development of the organisation.

d. Finally to identify ways of building a team in an organisation to the benefits of the society and the individual workers.


Having known that, Teamwork is the responsibilities for the growth of organisation which individual must come as a team for the success or achievement of their aim. The researcher also intends to know the importance of team work as a tool for organisational development .why some people find it difficult o work as team, problem associated with teamwork, contribution made by office managers, identify ways of building a team in an organisation which focuses on (NIPDC) Investment House Headquarter Lafia.


The following research questions were used for the study

1. In what way does teamwork contribute to organisational development?

2. How can teamwork be built in an organisation?

3. What factor enhances team, performance?

4. Why do some people find it difficult to work in a teams?


The study is limited to Nasarawa Investment and Property Development Company’s Ltd (NPDC) Lafia


TEAMWORK: is continuing working units responsible for producing goods or providing services.

TOOL: is anything that helps you to do your job or achieve something.

ORGANISATION: is a group of people who form business, club etc together in order to achieve a particular aim.

DEVELOPMENT: Is the process of producing or creating new or more advanced, stronger etc.

COMMUNICATION: Is the flow of information within the team

SKILL: Is the ability to do something well.