Day–to–Day Variability in the Geomagnetic Variations at the Low Latitude Observatory of Muntinlupa in the Philippines


magnetic records obtained at low latitude geomagnetic observatory of muntilupa in Philippines for the year 1962 are are analyzed for day-to-day variability previous relevant works on geometric variations are reviewed. direct measurment of day-to-day variability is aspects of day-day-day variability has some diurnal and seasonal variability exists during the night-time. Quiet day-to-day variability has smooth variation while occasional erratte variation characterized disturbed days. Day-to-Day varibilities in the three elements H,D and 2 vertain degree of correlation with one another on quiet days. It is suggested that day-to-day varibilities is a reflection of solar quiet daily variation, sq and this suggestion common cause for the two phenomenon.

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