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Point of sale (POS) (also sometimes referred to as Point of purchase (POP) or checkout is the location where a transaction occurs. A “checkout” refers to a POS terminal or more generally to the hardware and software used for checkouts.

Most large retail stores have migrated from the old trusty cash register to more modern computerized point of sale (POS) systems. This Application Guide explores computerized POS technology and provides a roadmap for anyone contemplating acquiring POS systems for their own business.

In 1992 Martin Goodwin and Bob Henry created the first point of sale software that could run on the Microsoft Windows platform named IT Retail. Since then a wide range of POS applications have been developed on platforms such as Windows and Unix. The availability of local processing power, local data storage, networking, and graphical user interface made it possible to develop flexible and highly functional POS systems. Cost of such systems has also declined, as all the components can now be purchased off-the-shelf.

In the accent days, the primitive man uses trade by barter technique, (i.e. exchange of goods for other goods). The barter technique was used by primitive man for year was unable to improve sale cycle. The barter technique was awkward due to the inadequate knowledge the primitive man.
But the primitive man tried to improve sales cycle to enable him keep the record of his sales. His improvement of using cowries for purchasing selling goods was to be valued because, it could meet up to the required technique which, can be use for keeping sales records in the sales cycles, but to the primitive man, he find out that he can not prime sale records to meet up economic cycle, he was sad, the primitive man tried all he could to develop economic cycle.

For sale records keeping but he could not arrive the requirement to criminate the setback of the primitive man of his inability to keep sales record, batik not was invented, this brought about the keeping of sales records. But there is need for sales record development.

For more implementation, digital computer technology was invented. This brought about the design of software program that will manage the keeping of sales records, and the same time computing effectively the record of sales with fast speed and accuracy, thereby, printing out the output information of the sales records via output unit i.e. the printer with the aid of its special capability called memory chips capacity.


Exclusive Superstores is located at 25 Airport Road G.R.A, Benin City, Edo State.

Some of the products which Exclusive Superstores trade are: Provision, Cosmetics, Shopping Mall, Beverages, Food Items, Household Accessories etc. Exclusive Superstores opens 7.30am-8.00pm Monday to Saturday

Exclusive Superstores is one of the largest superstores in Benin City, is set to open a new world-class supermarket in Airport Road Benin City.

Exclusive Superstores’ customers in Benin City are excited about the prospect, development and expansion of the superstore in Benin City, and therefore have a great deal of confidence in the future growth of the superstores.

The superstores aims to assist in creating jobs and by contributing to the economic growth of Benin City, especially through its support in employing some job seekers in Benin City.

They are the only place that sells prepackaged meats in Benin City so you don not have to wait in line when you’re in a rush, and their cashiers will also speed up your shopping errands, as long as it is not on a Sunday. You can stock your entire kitchen, and even parts of your home, while at Exclusive Superstores. It is exciting to have fully stocked superstores in Benin City.


During the course of this research, some problems were encountered. These problems are stated below:

1. Lack of information
2. Lack of equipment
3. Transportation problem
4. High cost of conduction of research on the internet


Information about computerized POS system is hard to get in Nigeria because the companies that make use of computerized POS system are few if there is any. And most of the companies are not connected to the internet, so they do not know much about the POS system.


Where information concerning computerized POS system could have been gotten easily, they still use the manual sale management system. Most of the organizations are not connected to the internet and some of this organization do not even have computers, because of the staffs could not say anything pertaining to computerization.


High cost of fare as regards transporting from a place to another in source of useful materials, also posed a big problem in this research work.
During the course of my research I was always suffering for information on the internet and I spent five to six hours everyday searching for information about my research, this lost me a lot of money.


The objective of this project work is to bring to the awareness the improved system of making transaction in retain stores. Instead of using the manual sales management system. The objective of a computerized POS system therefore involves the following:

1. To manages the transaction process by a salesperson accessible interface.

2. To allows the creation and printing of transaction receipt

3. To eradicate the problem of overpayment and under payment.

4. To facilitate and simplify the daily preparation of general sale management and other transactions.

5. To improve the system of gathering information about customers.

6. To allow for easy storage of customers records.

7. To allows faster and more accurate computation of daily collection of sale management records.

8. To eliminate the problem associated with the manual collection of sale management.


This study, “Computerized Point Of Sales POS system” generally covers sales management system – which includes facilitating and simplifying the daily preparation of general sale management system and other transactions.

Computerized POS system should be able to produce sales recodes and generate a sale slip for every customer that transacts business with the organization.

The study covers a detailed explanation of POS system and explains that there are some specific requirements which vary from time to time depending on the nature of the organization.

The study explains the need to shift away from the old system of sales management to computerized Point of Sales system which allows faster and more accurate computation of daily collection of sale management records and also ensures security and integrity of sales management system and information. Since the manual collection of data in sale management system has proven inefficient.

The area covered in the gathering of information for the study includes Exclusive Superstores Benin City.


It described the procedure Employed in a typical computerized POS system and understands the important of accurate sales records.
I identify the component and procedure of a computerized POS system and carry out the tasks involves in sales of circles.

The significance of having a system of having products or finished goods computerized in any business organization can not be overemphasized especially now that these is a problem in determining the quality of daily transaction.

This work will help the development of Exclusive Superstores if properly put into use. The purchasing department will know when to purchase and when not to purchase goods. This work will also enable the supermarket to know whether its making profit or loses which will in turn determine whether the organization is growing or not.


POINT OF SALES: is the location where a transaction occurs in a business.

DATABASE: A collection of data that are well organized.

MANAGEMENT: Act of running and controlling a business.

SOFTWARE: The program(s) used to operate a computer.

BUSINESS POINTS OF SALES: Locations where sale are made in a business.

CREDIT CUSTOMERS: Customers from companies or organizations that the management of the hotel has credit agreement with.

OUTLET CASHIER: The middleman between all points of sale and the accounts department.

STOCK:This is the total value of money, equipment building etc. of a business company.

FLOWCHART: A pictorial method of depicting an algorithm in which the focus on program’s logical flow.

DATA: A raw fact that is processed by the computer

COMPANY: This is a group of people working together for the aim of business.

PROGRAM: These are series of instructions in code that control the operation of the computer

HARDWARE: These are the entire physical device found in the computer system

SOFTWARE: This is a term used to describe all the various programs that may be used in a computer system together with their associated documentation.

DATA PROCESSING: It is the collection and manipulation of item of data to produce meaningful information.

POS TERMINAL: a specialized computer terminal used at a point of sale, allowing immediate capture of information about each transaction

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