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Design and Implementation of a Computer Software for the Registration of Patients

Design and Implementation of a Computer Software for the Registration of Patients


The study was aimed at designing a computer software for registration of patient’s in FSDT&T clinic/laboratory. The work was reviewed from text books, journals, website which highlights the process of designing of designing the software using waterfall model method requirement, design, implementation, installation and maintenance. Then sing visual basic 6.0 and MSDN to create the interface, writing the code and set the properties and Microsoft Access for the database.



A computer is a piece of electronic equipment which accepts input of data using pre-defined instructions known as computer programs to execute the task in order to produce output (Anyaogu, 2003).

According to Anyaogu, (2003), a computer program is a sequence of logically valid instructions which tells the computer what it is required to do. These programs or instructions are written in computer language. Software can be defined as that ordered sequence of instructions for changing the state of the computer hardware in a particular sequence which is usually written in high-level programming languages that are easier and more efficient for humans to use the machine language.

Dental software are written in an assembly language essentially a mnemonic representation of machine language using natural language alphabet and it is classified under application software which allows end users to accomplish one or more specific task.

In accordance with 21st century technology treatment plan and upgrading of equipment and record keeping in a particular format with uploading of patient’s medical/dental history as they visit the dental laboratory/ clinic is necessary. There is need to develop a soft record of a particular patient/client past history accessible whenever he/she visit the laboratory/clinic brings about the development of a computer aided software to store this record instead of the use of papers and cards.

User written software are end-user development tailor-made systems to meet user’s specific needs, example dental patient laboratory/clinic registration software which helps in designing computer based information system ranging from relatively simple data entry to retrieval of jobs requiring long term analysis and planning.


In combating the lost of vital patient dental documents/history in the laboratory/clinic there is need to designing a computer based software for the registration of dental patients. The loss of these in formations is as a result of the following

· Poor information storage method: The use of office files and file cabinet is not a good form of information storage those days.

· Insecurity of data because it is prone to vandalization and unauthorized accessibility.

· Duplication of data in various departments because of the nature of work needed.

It takes a long time in accessing records in the manual system due to the nature of work in the clinic. It is always good for materials to finish unnoticed.


The aim of this study is to design computer software for the registration of dental patient in federal school of dental technology and therapy clinic/laboratory.

Other aims of the work include the following

a) To work towards the elimination of ineffective modes of operation. It centers on the user having a good atmosphere for work thereby minimizing stress.

b) The objective from the initiator of the proposal is generally towards combating all the problems discovered on the existing system, which are listed under the problem of study.

c) Safeguarding of information through effective monitoring and accessing of the storage data in given filling processing system (data base).


The hindrances that were faced during this project work are lack of finance to carryout the project effectively and efficiently.

Another hindrance was the location and availability of a programmer to design the program. The high cost of a computer system and the functions used in the design the software also posed some hindrances to this project but later it was overcome when a functional computer set was delivered to the programmer.

The academic work load and the time frame for the project work was also another hindrance.

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