This project study is focused on the design and development of security software package for the Newline Computers Limited, Enugu.

This research work came to existence the time when internet café business is becoming very popular and vast. The principal objective of this project is to stop or deny access to an unauthorized user and also to ensure proper accountability of cash received by the ticket issuers. Therefore the design and development of this internet security software package for Newline Computers Limited, Enugu is worthwhile.

This project covers all the general procedure involved in the design and development of a reliable in-house software application package that will provide automated Customer services for a cyber café. These procedures include the initial Design, Coding, Testing, Implementation, Maintenance and Enhancement of the new system. Thus this software will provide an accurate timing and billing information at any point in time for a cyber café operation. The New system was developed using Microsoft Visual C# programming language and MySQL (My Structural Query Language), a relational database management system in designing the database. This language was chosen because of its easy syntax and features for developing windows based application. This new system is flexible and can be modified to suit any cyber café business centre.