The greatest renovation that has taken place in the twenties century is in the currently of information technology. This is currently made possible by the introduction of the e-mail (ten email platform) which has been observed in the field of communication to be increasingly inseparable from communication. This linkages often referred to as convergence is risen driven by technology and amplified by business trends the technology business, foster growth in network systems that use email links to connect sub-soldiery system (nodes) which may send, receive, direct and redirect information to, fro, sender and receiver. Taking of the internet email couple of years ago would have sound link a fair table but today the internet is pervasive in almost every field of human and ear our changing the fundamentias of how are conduct national as well as international business. Few years of existence, the internet ten email platform has shown that it can sliver the long sought after goal of electronic commerce.

This technology facilities linkage ten email with Rainbow net Enugu web and service delivery as well in reducing barriers to entry into information world internet email allows clients of ten user transaction relationship, which would have taken long distance travel or movement of information with the attendant. With the on-line email information can at your convenience at home and at any time, email ten user transaction services and contact other people. This new system will provide email Address to ten user, s.


The advance in the world of information technology it is almost recorded on a daily basis, consequently rendering former communication equipment obsolete as people tilt towards the use of improved electronics that support E-commerce made possible through the use of the internet in the email service. Although a significant improvement has been recorded in the use and development technology in the email industry over the last decade. Most email are still far from implementing technology-based strategies able to see them through competition in email (ten email platform) This may be as a result of lack of awareness the inability to evaluate the benefit derived from the use of the recent technology development (email) has may hamper the design and subsequent the Assignation of the technology tool hence denying user’s of this advances services and their flexibility choice and convenience associated with the internet email.

The advantages offered by these toll calls for a review of an existing automated system and subsequent design and Assignation of ten email user platform to improve the existing system in Rainbow net LTD Enugu.


* To investigate the lacks of the current automated system in term modern technology appliances that support internet email services and suggest ways of updating them.

* To design a friendly web site services provide by the ten email platform.

* To improve in the speed effectiveness efficiency and conferences in information technology.

* To carry out a feasibility study on the organization for the purpose of installing an online email.

* To design and Assignation computer software to solve this problems and rendering the survives.


The study and subsequent design and Assignation ten user platform will be of immense use to she organization the administration and the users in realizing the long south goal of speed, efficiency effectiveness and convenience the program take care of those factors that militate against the smooth running operation of the organization using the on-line

Better still scholars who intend to carry out subsequent research could have this as base from where improvement could be made.


E-mail Commutation among user’s INTERNET The internet is global network of computer LAW Local Area Network WAN Metropolitan Area Network WAN Wide Area Network NT Network Termination PIN Positive intrinsic Negative WEB The nearest and friendliest face of the internet made of pages of information Virtual word As electronic stimulation experience all a head mounted eye goggle and wire dating enabling the and use to internet in realistic these dimensional situation

ANALYSIS: The methodically of the problem into smaller related unit for further solving.

COMPUTER BASE: Computer oriented problem solving

NORMAL: The arrangement of data.

SOFTWARE: A set of logical instruction designed for the computer.

FILE: Is made up of fields and record DATA BASE: Set of several permanent files integrated into a single file, which is available for many different uses.

PROCESS: A systematic sequence of operation

PROGRAM: Series of instruction that is given to the computer.

COMPUTER: Is an electronic device capable of accepting inputs, processing, storing and output information

NETWORK: The liner-connection of computer

WINDOWS: A type of operating system

REAL TIME: A computer that give immediate result of the process data. EMAIL ADDRESS: Name give to user’s
ONLINE: That can be access at any

PASSWORD: A set or codes that give you access to a computer resources.

E-BANKING: Banking does with the computer means of transforming data.

TELE METRIC: The use of telephone line compel with the computer in providing services. CD ROM: Computer disk only memory.