Design and Construction of 12volts Car Battery Automatic Charger With Voltage Level Indicator and Charging Process Display

Design and Construction of 12volts Car Battery Automatic Charger With Voltage Level Indicator and Charging Process Display




Technological development in the third world nation like Nigeria should incorporate finding solutions to seemly small problems like while trying to plan for the big ones. This statement is necessary given that Nigeria having been able to launch NigeriaSat I and about to launch another code named NigeriaSat 2, would be said to be progressive in their approach to technology acquisition and indeed retrogressive applying same to solving little problems. UPS are designed so that there is one source of power normally used called the primary power source and another source that kicks in if the primary is disrupted called the secondary power source. The power from the wall is always one of those sources and the battery contains within the UPS is the other. A switch is used to control each of these powers and the equipment of any given time. The switch changes from the primary of the secondary when it detects the primary has gone out. It switches back from the secondary power the primary power, source has returned.

Contrary to what you might think, the wall A.C power is not always the primary power source and the battery the secondary source. Which source is primary and which is secondary depends on the type of UPS. Therefore, circuit is provided with this UPS to convert AC power to DC and to change the battery. A device called an invert is also provided to change the battery stone DC electricity to AC to run your equipment.

Furthermore, those components of the uninterruptible power supply and other one discussed in details in the section covering the various parts of the UPS. The size of the UPS is primary dictated by the size of the time your equipment can run on battery power switching down, higher units not only can power equipment for more time they can also handle a large total demand for power.

The need for a home used charging device is timely, given that daily avoidable accidents occur on our highways due to SLI (starting, lighting and Ignition) faults in motor vehicles.

In Nigeria today there is a wide use of the 12volts Lead Acid Battery. Yet due to the side spread poverty one commuter or vehicle owner chooses to use the same battery over and over again even when the said battery has out lived its usefulness.

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