Design and Construction of a 6V Rechargeable Lamp

Design and Construction of a 6V Rechargeable Lamp


Man has been so used to electricity that he cannot do without it. The absence of electricity causes a lot of sadness in our daily lives. Due to this reason, I decided to work on a rechargeable lamp as my project.

The project is to see how one can construct a source of high without really generating it from an A.C source. I decided to write on this project to saw how I can implement it during and after school for home and marketing purposes.

This project is a lamp that was a 6v rechargeable battery to generate light which is very useful to man both at home and otherwise. It is a stem that is very portable and very effective mostly t might after which it has been charged.

Title Page

Approval Page




Chapter One:

1.0 Introduction

1.1 General Description Of The Project

1.2 Objective Of The Project

1.3 Significance Of The Project

1.4 The Report Layout

Chapter Two:

2.0 Literature Review

2.1 Historical Background Of The Project

2.2 Theories And Model Relevant To The Design

2.3 System Component Description

Chapter Three:

3.0 System Design

3.1 Description Of The System Building Blocks

3.2 System Specification And Block Diagram Development Into Working Circuit And Power Supply Unit.

3.3 Description Of The Overall Operation Of The System

3.4 Design Calculation / Component Analysis

3.5 Component List

3.6 Complete Circuit Diagram Of The System

Chapter Four

4.0 Implementation Testing And Result

Chapter Five

5.0 Cost Analysis

5.1 Problems Encountered

5.2 Recommendation And Conclusion


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