Title Page
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Chapter One
1.0 Introduction

Chapter Two
2.0 Literature Review
2.1 Preamble
2.2 Essential Parts Or Features Of An Electric Ball
2.3 The Main Call Line
2.4 The Sub – Call Line

Chapter Three
3.0 Materials And Methodology
3.1 Introduction
3.2 Materials
3.3 The Wooden Board
3.4 Switches
3.5 Lamp Holder
3.6 Cable
3.7 Electric Bell
3.8 Filament Lamp
3.9 Plug
3.10 Joint Box
3.11 Wooden Block
3.12 Nails
3.13 Screw Nail
3.14 Clip
3.15 Methodology
3.16 Mode Of Connection And Construction

Chapter Four
4.0 Principle Of Operation
4.1 Schematic Diagram Of An Electric Bell With Light Indictor
4.2 Mode Of Operation

Chapter Five
5.0 Result Analysis And Discussion
5.1 The Input Stage
5.2 The Power Supply Stage
5.3 Use And Economic Importance
5.4 Use Of The Call System In Hotel Building

Chapter Six
6.0 Conclusion And Recommendation
6.1 Problem Encountered
6.2 Conclusion
6.3 Recommendation
References / Bibliography


To cleanly understand the wood information technology and communication which is the life blood of all human activities the assimilation of communication technology is of great important. The development of communication technology in any nation makers communication technology easy and pleasant. And one of basic building block of a communication system is the house bell indicating which serves as inter-call light to ensure proper communication within an officer or domestic.

An electrical bell can be define as dunce which can be use to alent signal for indicating of problem in alarm signals.

The device is classified according to were types, mode of operation and the application there are numerous types of alarming signals but for the purpose of this project an electric bell with light indicator is considered.

These device receives its input signal form an electrical device known as bell push. That was connected at the wing board Via joint box. The signal (current) passes through the wire and fed into the bell which cause the bell to ring in order to alent the receiver.

Furthermore, the objective of these house ell is to provide a cheap and continent means of communication between two or more people in the same premises.

The major different between inter- communication system using telephone and electric bell is that the signal is transmitted by the call indicator system in place of speech as in the case of the telephony.