Design and Construction of a Three Phase Automatic Phase Selector

Design and Construction of a Three Phase Automatic Phase Selector


The basic aim of the design and construction of this three phase automatic phase selector is to demonstrate how contactors can be used to switch in between three lines or phases e.g “RED, YELLOW AND THE BLUE PHASE” without interfering with the contacts.

This type of phase selector is able to switch between phases with the aid of inter-locking one phase to the other either one phase circuit is dependant on the other phase circuit which means that two phase circuit which that two phases cannot come on at the same time.

This research work is divided into six chapters, chapter one emphasizes on the introduction of the topic, the second chapter centers on the review p=of related literature as it regard to the design and construction of this Automatic three phase selector.

Title Page

Table Of Contents
Chapter One
1.1 Introduction

Chapter Two
2.1 Review Of Related Literatures
2.2 Contactors
2.3 Auxiliary Timer
2.4 Circuit Breaker
2.5 Indicator Lights.

Chapter Three
3.1 Outline Of Basic Principles
3.2 Principles Of Operation

Chapter Four
4.1 Research Design And Construction
4.2 Project Construction
4.3 Mounting Of Components
4.4 Packaging
4.5 Precaution

Chapter Five
5.1 Economic Of The Project
5.2 Project Viability
5.3 Area Of Usage
5.4 Costing

Chapter Six
6.1 Associated Fault And Remedies
6.2 Conclusion

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