Man’s imp act on global environment system especially in the area of dust extraction is now at a scale where it is disrupting. These dust extractors varies in major ways.

The environmental degration is, in turn contributing to health threat in this part of the globe. Unfortunately most factories, workshops which suppose to posses these machines for dust extractions a re not having them thereby making dust a very dangerous threat to man.

Due to this ugly development it, is obvious that these factories and workshops can do little or nothing to protect our environment from this poor state. It is therefore necessary that all and sundry should join the crusade of eradicating dust from our environment thereby making it clean. Although before now people have tried to contribute their own quota in seeing to the end of the menace, get lack of interest, finance has posed a hindrance to the realization of this achievement.

In view of the above, we deemed it necessary that such a machine should be constructed to the Mechanical Engineering workshop to eradicate dust and thereby make the workshop environment clean and fit for students practical activities.

The realization of this work started from our supervisor who conceived the idea which we saw as a need, then we defined the need and synthesized it, evaluate and came to a conclusion.

The synthesis led us to drawing board by sketching and drawing to scale after which the design required was chosen. Fabricated and parts put together to form what we called a dust extractor.

Title Page
Approval Page
Letter Of Transmittal
Signature Page
Letter Of Release
Table Of Contents
Chapter One
1.0 Introduction
1.1 Aims And Objectives
1.2 Economic Importance Of A Dust Extractor
1.3 Uses Of Extractors (Dust)
1.4 Design Consideration

Chapter Two
2.0 Literature Review
2.1 Improvement In Previous Ones

Chapter Three
3.0 Design Calculation
3.1 Material Selection
3.2 Sequence Of Operation

Chapter Four
4.0 Cost Analysis
4.1 Material Cost
4.2 Labour Cost
4.3 Cost Of Reporting
4.4 Market Survey And Value

Chapter Five
5.0 Performance Evaluation
5.1 Recommendation And Conclusion

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