The latest development in business activities calls for easy access to the location of companies and their clients/ customers so that effective transaction will be achieved. Also locations and other information about school and supermarkets are needed to be known in the city.

If the information about schools and supermarket within Owerri municipal are known, the there will be an effective transaction of business and information will flow easily among the company’s for instance if NNPC companies is dealing on a particular material with another enterprisers within the same location that transaction of business will be very effective because they will be get thing and giving information to each other especially when there is any   change in business world. More so, if a customer of a particular company wants to get any information about another company without going to the company, it does so by going through there system in the office. So, with the information now it does not need to be looking the company since he has known the location

Again, a company has to have the names of their client/ customers with their addresses and phone number register in their system so that if they want to get an information pertaining to a particular person, they do not have to start searching through a large number of complementary cards or files.


The project is proposed to address the issue of solving the problem of directory transactions among the business premises, which usually causes a greater delay by using large number of complementary cards and letter within Owerri municipal. So in this case, the computer is used to reduce this problem.


The purpose of this study is solving these problem of using letter/ complementary cards in directory system of business premises with the use of computer system of which is efficient. By using computer it reduced the long time of searing or going through a large number of cards looking for the name, address location and tell phone number of a particular company within Owerri municipal.


As regards the problems arising from the modern day business activities, an accurate information about relations database, an effective, efficient and easy handing package needs to be developed. The problem in carrying large number of business cards will be eliminated to its minimum.

This design and implementation system has the ability of:

  1. Containing thousands of information at fewer number of hard copies
  2. The system sort the information in a sequential order so that one can get the required information at that particular time within some seconds.
  3. The system also has the ability of locating any given information needed out of numerous number of data in the data base file. In other words, it means that given any company’s name and address with telephone numbers if any, as may be needed by the person in question, the system solves the problem of searching through-that large number of cards for a particular information.


In carrying out this research I decided in Owerri municipal. This shows that my investigations and findings would base within the directory system of the business premises. The study will cover also the transaction, problem remedies of directory for business premises.


In any research work, there are bound to be limitation which hinders one from handing his owns work easily. Mean while, in carrying out this project work, it took me much time visiting the different companies within Owerri municipal to collect information which a times I would not get

Secondly, to visit all these companies I spent a lot of money because I have to move from one companies to the other in order to get their names and addresses. So, financial problem constitute to part of the limitation because a times I would not see money to travel with.

Finally, I had experienced a hard time with most managers of these companies as hey refuse to give me the relevant information I needed, like their telephone number.


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