This Project Design and Implementation of Orientation Camp Information System was designed to eliminate the problems associated with manual handling of information at the Orientation Camp such as: data redundancy, time wastage etc.The knowledge, economy for example sets a new scene for education and new challenges and prospects for education is a prerequisite of the knowledge based economy and the production and use of new knowledge both require a more educated population and workforce (Arikewuyo, 2004). ICTs are very powerful tool for diffusing knowledge and information which is fundamental aspects of the education process.

In that capacity, ICTs play a pedagogic role that could in principle complement the traditional practices of the education sector (Igwe, 2009).Information Communication Technology (ICT) will mean all electronic system that has to do with information gathering, processing and disseminations. These include all forms of computer system (mainframe, mini, micro palm pilot etc.)

Ehikhamenor (1993:1) information technology is a technique and the equipment that facilitates the acquisition, recording, processing, storing, retrieval, transmitting and receiving information that has been processed using some electronic equipment and appropriate methods.

UNESCO further defines Information Communication as the scientific, technological engineering and management techniques used in information handling and processing.

Undoubtedly, e-learning powered by ICT use in tertiary institutions could help to expand and widen access to tertiary education and learning, improve the quality of education as well reduce its cost. This means that effective ICT use in tertiary institutions in Nigeria could help to spur positive results in improving the overall learning (and teaching) experiences as well as in up-lifting the quality of the system.

Therefore the research seeks to investigate the role of ICT as a change agent for quality education in tertiary institution in Nigeria. The Design and Implementation was carried out using the top down software development approach. The tools used to implement this project are VB.Net and SQL Server

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