Designing and implementation are learnt in this project.

Computer science course is relatively a new subject, its importance cannot be our emphasized with respect to the designing and implementation in word processing packages either in science, engineering, military business, industry and government.

Rate of processing of a proposed form, certification and designing of word processor even if they design the rate of implementing is very low, since it involves writing it, which is done manually. An introduction of the designer of the simple word processor was carried out and also displayed to introduced the users the make of the operation of the simple word processor.A verification system as in this project is an application program used to verify that someone or something rightly and legally belongs to a collection, an organization or an individual. There are different verification system, notably address verification system, adult verification system and card verification system to mention but a few.

Student verification system is used to know whether or not a student is or was a legal and rightly registered student. In this context, it is used to verify that a student belongs/belonged to an institution and to confirm that he/she is properly registered in a particular department running any of the institutions programme.

This student verification system (SVS), also known as DELSU e- Verify is a window based system. It is an electronic and computerized means of verifying someone’s claim of studentship to an institution by means of their matriculation number (Mat No) being input, hence using an output clearly showing the truth or false of his/her claim

After the message is displayed, it is made to wait on the screen till one has enough time to record it after which the user presses they key to continue if there is any need to press the key.

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