Design of a Full Adder Circuit



In this project, two high performance adder cells are proposed. We simulated these two full adder cells using HSPICE in 0.18 µm, CMOS technology and at 25-degree of temperature with supply voltage range from 0.5v to 3.3v with 0.1v steps. Results show that the proposed adders operate successfully when connected to a 0.5 V power supply. The two adders differ in the technology applied to their gates. While the first circuit applies CMOS technology, the second and optimal one uses Past Transistor Logic. The average power dissipation of the optimum is 4.3269*10-7 watt, which illustrates an amazing performance. This paper demonstrates the PDP and Power Consumption of the proposed adders, and the comparison results among another six full adders.

Full Adder Circuit
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