Development of an API for Creating and Editing openEHR Archetypes


Development of an API for Creating and Editing openEHR Archetypes (Computer Science Project Topics)

Archetypes are used to standardize a way of creating, presenting and distributing health care data. In this master thesis project the open specifications of openEHR was followed. The objective of this project has been to develop a Java based API for creating and editing openEHR archetypes. The API is a programming toolbox that can be used when developing archetype editors. Another purpose has been to implement validation functionality for archetypes.

An important aspect is that the functionality of the API is well documented, this is important to ease the understanding of the system for future developers. The result was a Java based API that is a platform for future archetype editors. The API-kernel has optional immutability so developed archetypes can be locked for modification by making them immutable. The API is compatible with the openEHR specifications 1.0.1, it can load and save archetypes in ADL (Archetype Definition Language) format. There is also a validation feature that verifies that the archetype follows the right structure with respect to predefined reference models. This report also presents a basic GUI proposal.

Source: Linköping University

Author: Klasson, Filip | Väyrynen, Patrik

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