The study was designed to investigate the effect of culture on consumers buying behaviour. The main aim is to determine the promotional strategy that will data have obtained through both secondary and primary source. For the primary source a survey of opinion was conducted on a sample of the population that the effect of the culture on consumers buying behaviour is a most effective fundamental that culture plays greater influence on the way consumers behaves. It was therefore recommended among others that all business oriented organization should always research deeply into the prevailing culture of the area where they intend to do business before committing their fund that will rum at variance with their needs




Cultural influences can be overcome either through the manipulation of controllable variables or a systematic adoption to the uncontrollable variables so as to enable businessmen navigate safety and successfully in their business pursuit.

A consumer buying behaviour is influenced tremendously by culture itself. Culture in a broader and deeper degree, which is hinged on variable like, perception, value, and preference are also central to culture and subculture they influence on consumer buying behaviour. Culture is the fundamental determine of a person want and behaviour. The growing child acquires a set of values, perceptions, and other variable through his or her family and other key institutions.

Each culture consist of smaller subcultures that provides more specific identification and socialization for their remembers subcultures include nationalities, religions, recall groups, and socialization of their members subcultures include nationalities religions, recall groups, and geographic regions, when subcultures grow large and affluent enough companies often design specialized marketing programmes to serve them. Multicultural marketing grow out of careful marketing research which revealed that different ethnic demographic niches did not always respond favourably to mass-market advertising, hence, its impact on buying behaviours.

Religion is a subculture which is currently affecting production, distribution, marketing and selling of major products e.g alcoholic drinks and beverages in Nigeria products and services must be advertised either on the print or electronic media, but this exercises can end up as a noise, goose chase, if the source (actors and actresses) parts being used are such that exposes their vital parts (bodies) during the course of carrying out the process.


The study of cultural effects on consumer buy behaviours has posed a lot of problems to manufactures marketers middlemen.

At this junction, the following question call for study

i. What effect culture has on consumers buying behaviour

ii. How can this effect be addressed by marketers and business organisation


The objective of this study is to ascertains how culture influence make the success of a business and how to make a better strategic plan and activities taking culture into consideration in the land

1. To determine the promotional strategy that will best appeal to the prevailing culture in the land

2. To determine how to place the consumer in a high state taking his/her environment into consideration

3. To have a solid foundation in the environment making the consumers the centre of over culture.


i. How do consumer perceive advertisement that depicts nudity

ii. How does culture accommodate incentive from the negative side

iii. Does culture have any bearing on customer consumers response?

iv. what will be consumer perception on the product/ services that is against their culture


1. Ho: Culture has no relationship with the way customers make their purchasing decision

Ho: Culture has a relationship with the way customer make their purchase

2. Ho: Advertising campaign depicting nudity serve as a greater appeal to that target market

Hi: Advertising campaign depicting nudity does not serve aw a greater appeal in the target market


This study is important because it will be an eye opener on the effect of culture on consumers buying behaviours because not much work has being done on the above topic the significance of the topic also intends to expose the relationship between culture and consumer buying behaviour it will further aim to examine the concept of culture and buying behaviour and it effects on consumers behaviour.

Further more the study will also bring out the limitation of the subject matter or reserch topic and also prefer solution to this limitation on the subject matter

Finally it will be a useful tool for policy makes, various available solution to the problem of culture and consumer buying behaviours it could also be a reference point for advertising agencies who need to improve on their services also tackle the challenges faced by consumers when trying to purchase a particular product


This study is limited to knowing the way consumers behave and respond to products and services through the culture heritages that is prevalent in the environment it course both manufacturing organisation making organisation taking cognizance of both culture, sub-culture and cultural shift of the people via the effective manipulation on the controllable various less furthermore, the study built around the following.

i. The study of culture as a fundamental marketing determinant of a person needs wants and behaviours.

ii. The study of culture and sub-culture and their relationship

iii. To make particular reference to the role of multicultural marketing

iv. The determinations of how culture influence behaviours change between children


The problem of inversely, among respondents was very obvious during the administration of questionnaires. There were therefore prone to people who will real and interpret for them before they will be free to respond in a nutshell they would have been influenced by a third party.

Also, some of the in providing appropriate answers to the drafted questionnaire.

Most of the indigence and the residents of Asaba community refuse to deluge some sensitive information because their reaction shows that they don’t have knowledge of researcher which questionnaire is only an instrument.


Consumer: Consumer is an individual who purchase, or has the capacity to purchase goods and services offered for sale by marketing institution in order to satisfy personal or household needs, wants or desires.

Consumer behaviours: It is their process where by individual decide whether, what, when, where how and from whom to purchase gods and services.

It includes both the metal and physical activity. Necessary making decision in the market place. It has to do with how a person perceives himself and his interactions with his environment including interaction with busies firms,

Culture: It is the entire social heritages which includes knowledge, beliefs customer skill acquired by man in his environment.

Advertising: Advertising is seen as any paid from or no –personal presentation and promotion of ideals, goods or services by and identified sponsor.