The Effect of Drug Use and Abuse on the Academic Performance of Secondary School Students

The Effect of Drug Use and Abuse on the Academic Performance of Secondary School Students in Ovia North East Local Government Area of Edo State


This study was carried out to examine the effect of drug use and abuse on the academic performance of secondary school students in Ovia North East Local Government Area of Edo State. It is also to find out the various factors that can contribute to this social ill among the youths and also to determine the efforts of the various people, society, government in teaching and guiding the youths and how to reduce the problem to its barest minimum. A representative sample of the three (3) schools was chosen for the study out of above eight (8) secondary school in the area. A questionnaire containing thirty (30) items based on students use of drugs was administrated for collecting information. One hundred and fifty (150) students were randomly selected to fill the questionnaire in which case fifty copies of the questionnaire were given to each school. In order to make the information gathered valid, in its analysis, percentage was used to draw inferences and test the research question each research question was separately analyzed and tabulated. Simple percentage. The outcome of the study revealed that most students abuse drugs mostly for studying and equally discovered that male students are more involved in drug abuse than their female counterpart. It was also discovered that most of the respondents have never be counseled on the use of drug hence they are ignorant of the danger in drug abuse. The study concluded by suggesting some measures for preventing the social ill among the secondary school students as well as the society at large.




Background of the study

Statement of problem

Purpose of the study

Significance of the study

Research question

Delimitation of the study

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Definition of terms


Literature review


Research design and procedure

Research design

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Analysis of data and discussion of findings


Summary, conclusion and recommendations

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Suggestion for further research






The phenomenon of drug trafficking through old in some part of the world, was recent discovery in this country? Perhaps, all along, our country was used as a conduct for exploration of drugs to decent southern societies, but it was only in the late 1970’s and early 1980 are that the phenomenon started attracting massive public attention. To arrest this trend, General Muhammadu Buhari (Rtd) the then head of state and the commander in chief of armed forces authorized public execution of drug traffickers and merchant.  In addition, they were to forfeit all their belongings to the coffer of the federal government to show his seriousness three drug traffickers were publicly short in 1985.

Drug has never been part of us. It could be described as a sign of music inception by us, on the current trend of civilization as depicted by the white. Through different media African has been mode to regard the southern culture and practices as superior.

However, the adolescent tendencies of their age on such ideas must have encouraged this further and his no doubt contributed to numerous numbers of social menaces in a school. Examples of which is truancy, insubordination, indiscipline etc all of which negate student’s academic performance. During abuse unfortunately would not only harm the drug user but equally destroy his relationship with other. The normal use of drug and drug abuse cannot be easily distinguished even though alcoholic beverage have been in use by people in many societies for some years, alcohol ranks as one of the most widely abuse drugs, man y people cannot control their drinking and in time became addicted to alcohol.

As the researcher goes on with this study an attempt will be made at highlighting the effect of drug use and abuse on the academic performance of the secondary school students.


The following statement of problem is:

  1. Why do secondary school student take drugs?
  2. What type of drugs do they take?
  3. Is there any effect of these drugs on their health?
  4. Have the effect be determined?
  5. What measure has the government take to discourage drug abuse among secondary school student?


This study is concerned on what the drug abuse is and the varieties of drug abuse among the student:

The determine the effects of these drugs on students performance to determine the relationship between drug abuse and involvement in school offences.

To determine the student opinion on the influence of drugs on academic performance.


Drug abuse has to do with the school and psychological manifestation within the school setting. This study is billed to inculcate information into already addicted student to overcome the problem.

The study would also help student to realize the educational implication of drug abuse. Doctor, counselor, social workers and parent maybe benefited in the study and help them to gain more information about drugs abuse.

The society and the government can be good beneficence in the study; it helps to educate parents and the society as a whole on the need to improve the youth’s knowledge on drugs.


The following questions are formulated by  the researcher on the effect of drug abuse.

  1. Are there any-difference between drug abuse and the academic performance of students in secondary school?
  2. Does drug abuse have effect on the all-round development of the child in the secondary school?
  3. Is there any relationship between the use of drugs by students and the social economic background of parents?
  4. Does drug abuse make student to mix freely at social gathering?


The treatment of drug requires us feeling and seeing different specimen of what we are going to discuss and since most of the drugs mentioned in some textbooks are

Ever difficult to come by in the market, the researcher has made particular reference and concentration on the commonly purchase which could easily be got in the market e.g. Aspirin, Phensic, Apanado etc.

The study is equally delimited to the survey of the effect of drug use and above on the academic performance of secondary school student in Okada.

Okada is having eight secondary located indifferent direction of the town and because of the short period scheduled for the project s. it has not been possible for the researcher to go to all the school.


1. DEPENDENCE: A state (psychic or physical) resulting from the interaction between a living organism and a drug characterized by behavioral response.

2. STIMULANTS: Having the ability to produce emporia (an artificial feeling of enhanced well beings) and alertness, increase muscular energy, decreased appetite increase sexual desire.

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