Effect of Poor Communication Skills on the Performance of Secretaries in an Organization


This project work focused on the effect of poor communication skills on the performance of secretaries and the study was carried out in Nigeria Agip Oil Company, Port Harcourt, Rivers State. In carrying out this research, forty (40) managers and secretaries were used as the population. In line with this, (4) research questions were posed, questionnaires were distributed and retrieved from the respondents. Copies of the questionnaire were analyzed with tables and it was from this table that analysis of the effect of poor communication skill was shown. The major finding was that communication is an indispensable tool needed for the effective performance of secretaries and the ineffective and inefficient placement of this prevents the management in an organization to accurately evaluate or appraisal performance and set target. It also examined the communication skills, communication method, and communication as they affect the effectiveness of the organization. In conclusion, the method of communication, information technology, media and channel of communication can affect the organization both negatively and positively. Recommendation such as organization should study and examine carefully how their method and system of communication affect the performance of their secretaries so as to either educate them or to change the system to meet up with the current standard of communication was made.

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