This research work “EFFECTIVE AND EFFICIENT MARKETING OF POULTRY PRODUCTS” in Enugu State using poultry farms in Ujodo Local Government Are is a study that is crucial for the improvement of poultry establishment in Ujodo Local Government as well as its effective and efficiency marketing.

The research is set out to address the following issues.

The effective and efficient marketing strategies adopted in Nigeria by poultry farmers in Ujodo Local Government are of Emene community of Enugu state.

-The relationship between price and quantity demanded by consumer.

-The extent to which 4ps of marketing functions are being performed by the poultry farmers in Ujodo Local Government Area.

The research instrument used for data collection was mainly questionnaires and oral interview.

The needed data were collected from the respondents, which composed of the selected poultry farm. The data collected from respondents were exploited by the operators in that particular industry with out an efficient marketing system within the industry, the need for an effective and efficient marketing system in the poultry industry becomes imperative.

Tabulated into frequencies and percentages, chi-square statistics where used to analyze and test the various hypothesis.


– In personnel in the selected poultry establishment have a sound marketing skill for Effective and the poultry products.

– That consumers are satisfied with the quantity of poultry products in the study area.

– That there is positive correlation between promotional activities an consumption of poultry products.

– That there is a positive correlation between the price of feeds and the price of chickens and eggs. Based on the findings the researcher recommends.

– Then the Government should aid there farmers by granting them loans for the expansion of their farms and procuring modern equipments for grading and processing.

– That poultry industry should be better considered in future allocation to livestock.

– Consumers should be enlightened more on the need for protein in take in their diets.

In conclusion since the potentials of an industry cannot be fully