The research work titled “Effective Marketing of television services in Enugu metropolis was carried out to offer recommendation which if it is applied would enhance the performance of services organization.

During the course of study it was discovered that Enugu Television (ETV) which happened to be case study of the researcher used integrated marketing concept to achieve it set objectives, their advertiser, their viewer of company mutual benefits which they also have to put more effort on their services.

To solve the research problems of ETV based on the findings which is the inability to adequately adopt the marketing concept as regards to customers satisfaction in their operation.

The management of ETV have to utilize various techniques such as knowing their customers complaints by making use of public relations strategy and field survey as to achieve the best of television services.

The management should organize programmes such as workshop, seminars from time to time as to educate the staff on the method of improving efficient relationships with the customers.

Conclusively, if these recommendations are effectively applied, it will help in enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the services rendered or offered by Enugu Television (ETV) to its numerous customers.




The Enugu State Television Channel 50 can be traced back from the establishment of Eastern Nigeria Broadcasting Corporation (ENBC). On the 1st October, 1960 under the name of ENBC 2nd regional radio/televisions stations.
The stations became Eastern Central State Broadcasting Service (E.C.S) after the State creation by the Federal Republic of Nigeria into 12 states.

During the civil war between 1976 and 1970, it has Broadcasting Corporation of Biagra (B.C.B). In 1977 – 1982, it was Anambra Broadcasting Corporation (A.B.C), THIS WAS LATER RENAMED Anambra Broadcasting Services having the television and radio services under the umbrella of Anambra Broadcasting Services (A.B.C). Chief Jim Nwaobodo’s administration saw the inclusion need of the television station hence started her first media transmission tour on the 1st October 1981. It operated only for the views in Enugu, about 12 kilometers radius when the gigantic transmitting equipment were yet to be installed in the main studio at the independence layout Enugu. It was officially launched and opened for state wide transmission on the 27th of March 1982 by the then governor of Anambra State, Chief Jim Ifeanyichukwu Nwobodo.

The Navy Capitain Alison Madueke’s administration marked the merging of the Radio/Tv Station into one autonomous transmitting stations having Anambra television (A.T.V) and Anambra Broadcasting Services (A.B.S) Enugu. In 1994 out of the (19 states created, Enugu State was born, the station became Enugu State Broadcasting Service (E.S.B.S) for the radio and E.T.V. channel 50 for television.

Today the Enugu Television (ETV) channel 50 has remained of the state government owned television in the country. The station is first station in the black Africa ever to transmit the ultra high frequency (U.H.F).

The station has area offices at Lagos, Nsukka, Aluka, Onitsha and Abuja.


There have been wide speculations about he performance of the Enugu television (E.T.V) by many viewers in the recent past while some are of the suggestion that the television is not presenting enough entertaining and educative game, many complained of distorted audio and vision and others of late and delay in news broadcasting.

The above circumstances or situation indicate that there might be lapses in the services marketing of the television station which have seriously affected the overall performance of the station. It is in the high of these development that this study undertake to investigate the past stage of performance of the establishment with reference to its marketing or its service.


1. To determine whether the services offered by E.T.V are tailored towards achieving customers satisfaction.

2. To determine the extent E.T.V. programmes and activities are integrated towards achieving its objectives.

3. To find out whether customers of E.T.V. are actually satisfied with the quality of services offered by E.T.V.

4. Assessing the overall performance of the television station in the strengthen of its services.

5. To determine the effect of the station in the market.

6. Evaluating the marketing policies of the organization.

7. Finally to make useful suggestions that will enhance or boost the performance of the station.


This study is of great importance to all and sundry.

The organization under study stands at a clear position of benefiting immensely from the outcome or finding of the study. It will become more aware of their present performance towards the satisfaction of customer advertisers viewers and made to be of the need to improve and develop the required materials and equipment so as to be able to improve the effectiveness and efficiency in rendering television services.

The students and the researcher are not left out in the use of the findings of the study. The students are educated while the researchers who seek to provide solution to some problems will utilize and use it as basis for further investigation.
The research work will also help service organization to understand more correctly the basic principles of marketing practice.

The study borders on the marketing of television services with special reference to the effective performance of the Enugu State owned television station (E.T.V.)


Like every other service offered by television services are rendered by many organizations, individual and governmental bodies. Its marketing practices therefore will critically depend on the seven Ps of the services marketing mix of the product services, price, place (distribution), promotion, people, physical evidence and process.

The study evaluates the performance of E.T.V. enough in the discharge of their television services.


The researchers was constrained by several factors as a bid to actualize the dream of this project. The most important of these are time, money and lack of co-operation among respondents.


A research of this magnitude requires a reasonable length of time to carryout a careful monitored study, the researchers had very limited time within which to conduct this research and attend to other pressing academic problems. The time constraint may better be understood if we remember the constant interruption in the school calendar.


A research of this kind requires so much money especially for going from place to place in search of information. As a result of that, some of the areas which are supposed to be covered are not because of the cost involved and limited fund available.


To the extent or length we have gone so far, we discovered that the attitude of Nigerians towards students and researchers in general is very discouraging. In soliciting for information, many responders showed a great part, some withheld information for reasons best known to them, some other people gave wrong information. These problems reduced the possibility of bias elimination and infact prevented the availabilities of some vital points that would have been added to this work.



This is a process of anticipating, identification, conception of consumers needs and wants through exchange for satisfaction both individual and organizational objectives.


The marketing management orientation, which holds that the key task of all business organization is to identify the nature of consumer demand of goods and services and to satisfy such demand through production and distribution of goods and services.


The marketing process involving organization that buy in order to provide services, services are activities or benefits that one party can offer to another, that is intangible and does not result in the owner or anything its productivity may or may not be tied to physical product.


These are services provided by a television station that are offered for the satisfaction of the needs of the customers or users. Some services such as advertisement are paid for by the sponsors unlike some such as educative and informative programme are paid or sponsored by government on individual.


This refers to the level of operation towards the satisfaction of the needs and wants of the masses. Alternatively it can be refer to as the ability to come to a completion of a particular event.


This is an abbreviation of Enugu State owned television station channel 50. E.T.V. will be used in most cases during the cause of this study.