Effects Of ICT on Teaching and Learning Process In the 21st Century

Seminar/Term Paper Topic


There are no doubt some negative effect of the ICT on education. In teaching, computer is not enough for teachers to make the best use of ICT in the classroom. Based on the research of Sandholtz, it will take a lot of time in the classroom even up to a year with the support of experienced teams. Teachers always depend on the information that searched from the web. It may make a mistake. Information from the web or internet that mostly came or wrote from personal opinion. It is not all facts by the way. Teacher who depend more on the ICT do not perform well as a teacher. For example, they may not check through the details of the work that searched from the web.

Students, however, feel lazy to attend the class if they can easily get the study material from the web. It will change their behavior to become more irresponsible. Let’s say lecturer give an assignment to the students, they may not understand if they never attend that class. The technological reliability was important and yet the students could respond negatively to a resource, both of teaching and technology. Across the school or colleges, students might not value ICT that spent too much time on presentation needs and copying without reading and understanding. At the same time, students will search the information from the web and caught by “cutting and pasting”. Through this type of behavior, reliability of the students will be affected. By then the students will access the internet for other things, for example, facebook, MSN, Yahoo, Twitter and others. While the lecturer having the lesson in front, they will not pay more attention to the lecturer.

Then, it had created severe problems to the students. To those who always play computer games and use instant messaging, they will choose online communication rather than having real life conversation with the teachers. For example, when they are having flu and will not be attending the class or lesson, they might e-mail the lecturer rather than call the teachers. When the problem deteriorates, students will become less confident when they meet outsiders. Furthermore, the students sitting in front of the computer for a long time may cause health problem. Health problem such as stress and eyes strain can affect a student in their education. By then ICT may also created some illegal act such as pornography. Those students who are affected by pornography may suffer in their studies. The students will waste time by using ICT better than study on their work. Overall, the evidence on the impact on attainment of learning through ICT remains inconsistent.