Effects of Unemployment in our Society


This is a study on “Effect of Unemployment in Our Society; (Case Study of Ibadan South West Local Government, Ring Road Ibadan). Questionnaires were the instruments used for the study out of 10 questionnaires distributed, 4 were discovered and administered among the sampled people and institutions in Ibarapa.

Completely randomized design was used to validate the operational hypothesis of the study.

The result of the four hypotheses shows the effects of unemployment on the society. It shows that people should not rely on the idea of white-collar job, rather they should be employed the 6-3-3-4 system of education should also be adopted to reduce the rate of unemployment. Government should also help the rate of unemployment to reduce the rate of unemployment in the society.



The term, “Unemployment” literally applies to all categories of people that are presently without work. It has come to have specific meaning in contemporary discussion of all social and economic policies. Only these person not at work for more than a specific minimum period of time and who are able and willing to work, and also actively seeking for work are generally considered to be truly unemployed. It is a state of being unemployed, which always leads to a very serious evil. It can also be regarded as the amount of the unused labour.

The appropriate precise definition given to the term “unemployment” varies from one country to the other. This is in relation to the changing context of government and private programmes within such country. In other words, it is a situation whereby a person who is willing to work and permitted by law to do so at a specific period of time and he/she is not employed.


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