Fabrication of a Foldable Camp Bed

Fabrication of a Foldable Camp Bed – Mechanical Engineering Projects


In this project, three alternative design solutions were considered for the foldable cam – bed. The authors utilize the local materials (with cost consideration) for the components. The merits and demerits of each of the alternative with respect to the considered group were also discusses and the solutions of the alternatives that best satisfied the limitations were selected for production. The material selected design and cost analysis, production processes and operation maintenance and problems encountered during the design were also included.

Table of Content

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Table Of Content
Chapter One
1.0 Introduction
1.1 Limitation Of Existing Foldable Camp – Bed
1.2 Design Specification Of The Foldable Camp – Bed

Chapter Two
2.0 Literature Review
2.1 Component Parts Of The Foldable Camp – Bed
2.2 The Angel Iron
2.3 The Catcher
2.4 The Cover
2.5 The Brackets
2.6 The Square Pipe

Chapter Three
3.0 Design Solution
3.1 Alternative A
3.2 Merit
3.3 Demerit
3.4 Alternative B
3.5 Merit
3.6 Demerit
3.7 Alternative C
3.8 Merit Demerits

Chapter Four
4.0 Material Selection
4.1 Mild Steel
4.2 Standard Parts Used

Chapter Five
5.0 Description Of Foldable Camp – Bed

Chapter Six
6.0 Cost And Design Analysis
6.1 Stages Of Design Process
6.2 Conceptual Stage
6.3 Acceptance Stage
6.4 Functional Stage
6.5 Translation Stage
6.6 Stage Of Production
6.7 Weldability
6.8 Impact Resistance
6.9 Possible Defects In The Materials
6.10 Deterioration Due To Wear And Corrosion
6.11 Defects On Workmanship
6.12 Extent Of Use Of A Particular Material

Chapter Seven
7.1 Construction

Chapter Eight
8.0 Economic Analysis
8.1 Material Cost Analysis
8.2 Machine Cost Analysis
8.3 Labour Cost

Chapter Nine
9.1 Operation Of The Foldable Camp – Bed
9.2 The Viability Of The System

Chapter Ten
10.1 Conclusion
10.2 Recommendation
Chapter One


Camp bed is used universally for relaxation, emergency eases such as war and in other several ways, it is the acknowledgement of these resources that led to the design of the foldable camp – bed. All the existing foldable camp bed, have almost the same dimension but differ in design. Some use rope while the modern design make use of wood and spring. Some other are constructed using straight bars, pipes of angle iron.


Some foldable camp beds are made of Iron bars which are too heavy and cannot be carried with ease. Most existing foldable camp – bed are cumbersome to carry because their lengths which are normally six feet or 183 meters or 1830mm.

Some of the materials used for fabrication of the foldable camp bed may not be locally got and this affects its prince, making its availability to become more rare.

In the market, design that make use of springs to hold the improvised materials or even wood are found. But when the spring fill off, its efficiency is reduced and this make it more profitable to make use of wood than spring to hold improvised mattress.


  • It is high in weight.
  • It can be produced locally.
  • It is portable.
  • It has an in built head rest which is adjustable. The tarpaulin material used in folding the foam to the wood can be easily removed along with the wood for cleaning.
  • It is could carry a person up to 75kg in weight. Pipes (square) used are made of galvanized steel and also the angle Iron used is made if galvanized steel both painted with aluminum oil paint to avoid corrosion.
  • It is easy to manipulate.
  • All these specification put together make this project a viable one that can compete favorably with any existing foldable camp bed and also eliminate the limitations posses by earlier designers.

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