Fabrication of a Polythene Bag Sealing and Cutting Machine


Fabrication of a Polythene Bag Sealing and Cutting Machine


This machine is meant for sealing and cutting of nylon bag of different sizes. This machine is operated with electrical system. This machine can cut and seal nylon of different sizes.

It also comprises of materials as follows: Mechanical and Electrical section

Mechanical section include the frame structure, lever and the pedal mechanism.

Electrical section include the transformer, Regular and the micro switch.

Table of Content

Title Page
Letter Of Transmittal
Release Of Page
Approval Page
Table Of Content
Chapter One
1.1 Introduction

Chapter Two
2.0 Literature Review
2.1 Material For Fabrication And Their Properties
2.2 Description Of A Simple Polythene Sealing And Cutting Machine
2.3 Selection Of The Fabrication Materials

Chapter Three
3.0 Tools For Fabrication
3.1 Fabrication Specification
3.2 Sequence Of Operation

Chapter Four
4.0 Cost Of Production/Cost Analysis
4.1 Cost Of Material
4.2 Labour / Cost
4.3 Machine Cost / Tools Cost
4.4 Transportation
4.5 Total Cost

Chapter Five
5.0 Safety Precautions
5.1 Maintenance Of The Machine

Chapter Six
6.0 Discussion
6.1 Conclusion
6.2 Recommendation

Chapter One


The portable sealing machine is one of the most important fabrication of engineers of 20th century, the achievements led to sweet relieve for Agriculturist, industrialist, marketers etc. for this purpose, the production of Agricultural and industrials, goods which need appropriate attention for packaging and storage has been on the increase.

Previously, the packaging system has done by the use of paper, clothing material, etc. These methods are either given way to cellophane packaging system.

Different types of packaging system emerged owing to the facts of invention of which the most commonly used is the cellophane packaging and sealing.

It has the following advantages:
Low cost of production, high resistance to acid attacks, inertness, corrosion etc.
Polyethylene is used in packaging goods like ice cream, umbrellas, exercise books, pure water, beverages, weavon, packet shirts, bread, biscuits etc. the following properties polyethylene possessed are the reasons for its varieties of purpose that is to say how cost of production, inertness, resistance to acid, and corrosion water.

The use of polythene cannot be overemphasized. Most of food packaging for hygienic. The technology of cellophane permits raw materials of textile industries to be carried with sealed polyethylene the finished products are either marketed or exported with polyethylene packaging. Most utensils are packaged with polyethylene. Special polyethylene materials have been invented of recent that have shock absorber which gives protection to the breakable material. Since this packaging came up, there had been a safer conveyance of glass and ceramics materials, especially for transportation and exportation of finished goods.

Also, it is in packaging most of electronic gadgets which includes; computers, amplifiers, calculators, radio and T.V sets etc. for safety purposes. It will be needless talking about polyethylene. Without talking about the machines used in sealing generally. Some of the machines used in the industries include cellophane sealing machine used in sealing polyethylene materials, pneumatic, electrical sealing machine handled by electrical heater and needle point action and hand sealing.

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