The fabrication of a pressurized kerosene oven.
This project has been fabricated with special economical needs for the small scale baking industries, wholesalers and distributors who import this type of baking oven from outside the country to supply the customers.
Who wish to use it or those that cannot after gas oven can be used in baking any type of available within the tropics.
It I am also be used in are where there are no source of electricity or gas.

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Table Of Content
Chapter One
1.1 Introduction

Chapter Two
2.1 Literature Review

Chapter Three
3.1 Specification Of Problem

Chapter Four
4.1 Synthesis Of Solutions/Material Solution

Chapter Five
5.0 Sequence Of Operation
5.1 Operation Of Apparatus
5.2 Maintenance

Chapter Six
6.1 Testing And Evaluation
6.2 Capacity/ Fuel Shortage Detection

Chapter Seven
7.0 Material Cost Analysis
7.1 Machine Cost Analysis
7.2 Labour Cost Analysis

Chapter Eight
8.1 Conclusion
8.2 Recommendation

Chapter One


The fabrication of this project kerosene oven is a borrowed idea, which was modified to improve the system.

It is a manually operated type of oven which has the capability of supplying heat energy at high and low temperatures. This type of oven operates with a single point burner.

The introduction of this type of pressurized oven in the 18th century has undergone series of modification till date.

The production of this baking appliance is cost effective. This has improved the local industries/factories and has reduced the importation of foreign types of baking appliance.
The local kerosene pressurized oven is operational effective. Thus it attains a very high temperature for the convenience of baking.