The project is about fabrication of wheelbarrow which is fabricated in mechanical Engineering workshop in institute of management and technology, Enugu.

The report comprise five chapters, chapter one is about the introduction (background of the study) of the wheel-barrow, chapter tow is about the literature review, chapter three is about the theory and analysis of problem, chapter four is about Assembling of the wheel barrow, chapter five is about conclusion, recommendation and references.



1.1 Background of the Study

It is often said that man are born free back are always in Chain, in one way or the other, human beings are faced with a lot of problem. there was a time when it is difficult to carry a load from one place to anthem but as time goes one, solutions where prefer to this problem by providing a simple machine called wheelbarrow to help transport goods form one place to another.

A wheelbarrow is a small hand propelled vehicle usually with just one wheel, designed to be pushed and guided by a single person using two handles to the rear or by a sail to push the ancient wheelbarrow by wind. The machine has two hands where efforts are applied, it also has a portion where loads are loaded. The fulcrum takes change of it movement and so many other features. This machine is fabricated to relieve the difficulties and probably eliminate loss of man-power time, money and especially the need for technological break through self reliance.


The aim of fabricating this wheelbarrow is as follows
1. To know how to fabricate a slandered wheelbarrow.
2. To eradicate the problems faced by human’s in carrying goods form one place to another.
3. To lessen difficulties and probably eliminate lost of man-power
4. To identify how wheelbarrow can be assistance in the society.



This study/work is designed to cover the construction or fabrication of a standard wheelbarrow.


It is a difficult task to cover the fabrication of all simple machinery is Nigeria. The producer concentrated in the fabrication of wheelbarrow. During the fabrication, the producer also faced the following constantans.
a. Time: The time ell acted to this work is short compared to the production of the wheelbarrow.
b. Financial constraint: Financial is another problem faced by the producer during the constriction. There is no enough fund for the producer.

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