Food packaging is simply a way of packaging of food, that requires protein, tampering resistance and special physicals, chemical or biological needs, it also shows us how nutritional information on food is being consumed, food packaging also has it’s objectives e.g we have the physical protection, barrier protection, information, transmission, marketing, security, convenience, portion, control etc.


Food packaging needs to be taking care extensively. Accordingly to (Brody A.L et al 1997), he said there is a way by which food is packaged properly, food packaging is also an act of preparing food in such a way that is prevented from contaminating the environment and at the same time helping in distribution and marketing.

Food packaging accordingly to (Brody A.L et al 1997), he also went further to say that food packaging is an area of specialization on it’s own. The packaging of food has undergone a resolution in recent times. Food packaging has its several objectives, without it’s objectives, the packaging of food are as follows; we have the physical protection where the food that is enclosed in the package, may require protection from, among other things, shock , vibration, compression, temperature etc. We have the barrier protection from oxygen, water, vapour, dust etc, is often required.


Food packaging is a sealed pack of diced port from tesco, food packaging has it’s various types and containers, such as packaging types of container and food examples. He also went further to said that there are various packaging types, type of container by food should be well packaged also that there is still food examples which is very important too. Robertson G.L (2002).

Packaging type           Types of container      Food examples

Aseptic                        Primary                       Liquid whole eggs

Processing                   Primary

Plastic trays                 Primary                       Protein of fish

Bags                            Primary                       Potato chips

Boxes                           Secondary                    Box of cola

Cans                            Primary                       Cans of totaro soups

Cartons                        Primary                       Cartons of eggs

Flexible                        Primary                       Baged salad.

Packaging                    Primary


Tertiary:– A serves of boxes on a single pallet used to transport from the manufacturer Plant  to the distributor care.

Wrapper tertiary:- Used to wrap the boxes on the pallet for transport.

Primary Packaging:- Is simply the act of packaging that holds the food that is being processed.


Secondary packaging combines the primary packages into one box that is already made

Tertiary Packaging:- is simply the combination of all the secondary packages into one pallet.