The concept of delegation of authority as it happens in industries, service and business organization has attracted many psychologist and educations. These great people have carried out series of resources on it with each, threaten, coming up with a theory as it affect decision making in organization. Yet no one theory or negotiation can alone satisfactory explains the complex in human behavior. Delegation means entrusting to or duplication or representing. To delegate authority to others to perform. It is important tools of management.

Management is define as such process entailing responsibility for an effective planning and regulation of operation of an achieving the objective of a business as an organization in the most efficient way however, an organization, be it small or large have to take decision. The purpose of decision making as career said, it is to direct human behavior towards a future goals. Decision making is the selection from among alternative, there should be need for a decision. In making any plan, there must be a decision to take. Therefore it can be said that planning leads to decision guided by organization policy and objectives.


There are many problems associated with delegation of authority with regards to making good decision for the organization, especially as there are many individual differences.

Employers knows the important of employees participation and satisfaction and their effect in the achievement of organization objectives. To be able to achieve better result in short time with minimum supervisions and attention, the manager should ensure that the delegates his authorities to a capable equal responsibility.

The problem area to be given attention now are:

  1. Ability or inability to identify subordinate that is capable
  2. Most of time, authority can be delegated without equal responsibility
  3. There is also the responsibility that authority is not delegated close to scan of action.
  4. Ability to the manager to identify his limitation and the need to supplement it with personal influence.


The major task or objectives of this study is to identify and provide solution to delegation problem as the affect organization decision making. A lot of research has been made in the area of management delegation.

Attempt will be made to identify some of the findings of this research under Nigeria environment assigning to them any task to perform. They (manager) must not only delegate routing matter but also task requiring the use of initiatives.

Objectives of this study therefore include the following:

  1. To show that effective and efficient decision making process could be enhance through effective delegation.
  2. To examine the underlying principles of delegation as it relates to decision making.
  3. To fin solution to some of the already existing problems of delegation.
  4. To show that delegation of authority could be effectively implemented.
  5. To investigate on the cause of poor delegation on management decision making
  6. To determine whether the delegation strategy employed by Zenith Bank PLC. Has help improve decision making in the bank.
  7. To identify strategies that can be implemented in order to improve management decision making through delegation.


To address this research problem, it is necessary to build a conceptual foundation that will enable us to understand the important of delegation of authority and its relation with decision making for the purpose of this study, the following research question are formulated.

  1. Is there any significant relation between delegation and commitment to work?
  2. Can management decision making be effective without delegation of authority?
  3. Is it possible for a manager to delegate his authority to his subordinate especially when the issue to be handed is a sensitive one?


It can scan from the problem stated that business organization does not employ delegation in management in decision making. It is hoped that the study will help the bank and other firm to adopt strategies that will improve the impact of delegation on their decision making process. The study also will help the reader know that the success of a business depends also on good delegation strategies so that it will promote the good image of the company and will also help the researchers knowledge about the various strategies available and how they can be applied to improve the company performance of the business above all, the study will also help people to know the value of delegation and it can be used to improve business information.


The research work is basically concerned with the examination of independent variable effecting delegation of authority as it concerned decision making. It covers the aspects of responsibilities to carryout activities, planning and way through which workers could gain more power and improve their position relatives to management.

The non-behavioral variable such as change in technology, policy and climate condition are not considered in the study.


The study is however subjected to some limitation which could make it not to be exhausted such limitations include the researcher inability to interview some principle staff of the organization whose contribution could have been of grate help. It also limited to time and material resources.


It is necessary to define accurately some of the unfamiliar terminology used this chassis. This is necessary because the meaning of the words is not in the words but in the define various concepts used are defines as follows:

  • DELEGATION: This is the organization processes that permit the transfer of authority from supervision to a subordinate.
  • SUBORDINATE: A lower staff that is answerable to a loss or superior.
  • MANAGER: This is the person regulating the operation of the business organization, one who undertakes the task of planning and at any level.
  • TASK: This implies to piece of work assigned to someone to do.
  • RESPONSIBILITY: Is the obligation to carry out certain attitude with accountability for performance.
  • AUTHORITY: The degree of description in organization position conferring the persons occupying these positions, the right to use their description and judgment son decision making.
  • DUTY: What someone is obligated in the term the agreement.