Impact of Computer System on Performance of Secretaries


The degree to which computer is used in offices, have been of serious concern to secretarial profession. This study investigated the impact of computer system on the performance of secretaries in Ibarapa Polytechnic Oyo state and how significance the computer system is to secretaries.

Today computer has become important part of education because it is use in every field and with the knowledge of computer secretaries and manager can get a better job prospect and perform well in it. Automation help in to increase work output with greater accuracy and it enables them to assess and handle all types of information. Computers have created new skills for the secretaries and have added some spices to their work. With the acquisition of such skills, secretaries are now seen as indispensable tools in the office, thus given them good professional status.

In order to arrive at a conclusive decision on the above objective the researcher administered questionnaires. The population for this study comprises of thirty (30) secretaries in The Ibarapa Polytechnic and frequency distribution percentage was use to analysis data. It was recommended that secretaries should develop attitude and learning skills that would enable them to talk advantage of new opportunities.




Several changes have taken place in private and public offices as regards the roles functions of the secretary. The types of machines and gadgets that were used to produce, and store information has undergone a great transformation to cope with the fast growing world of technology. The success of any organization relies much on the secretary whose role though supportive is critical to the achievement of organizational goals and objectives.
In today’s organizations one of the things that make organizations to be unique is the use of computer system. Every office require facts and accurate information for quick decision making Akpomi and Ordu 2009, thereby making the role of the secretary a crucial one in the life or progress of an organization hence, need some technological and human backing from the work place. The effective performance of a professional secretary depends upon the office equipment, knowledge and skills.

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